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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Malawi Comes to Wisconsin

Desks for Malawi from TheLastWord MSNBC website

from the Huffington Post 12/18/2010 and from that page ...

The Malawian education system is plagued by several factors, including: the lack of classrooms and overcrowded classrooms, a shortage of qualified teachers and a profound scarcity of teaching and learning materials, including school furniture. The scarcity of furniture and supplies has severely impeded Malawi's educational system by decreasing the participation of children in school ... In Sub-Saharan Africa alone, approximately 45 million children do not go to school and only 20 percent of children that do attend have access to furniture.

Now that Governor Walker has released his budget proposal perhaps we can enlist Lawrence O'Donnell to start raising funds internationally for our schools here in Wisconsin. The Governor seems to have also usurped local authority to run their schools the way they want to. Imagine the above paragraph being rewritten with with Malawi replaced by Wisconsin and of course moved from the Sub-Saharan Africa to the frozen tundra!

#Walker Ex-Gov #edu #Vouchers WI 1848 Forward: #Malawi Comes to Wisconsin - What a difference a #Governor can make!

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