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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Do you think JFC can save "retirees"? Walker in charge: How to mess up Healthcare even more

Step #1 - Privatize HealthCare #2 Eliminate Heath Coverage as too expensive # 3 Everyone loses

Are the implications that retirees will not be offered "organized healthcare plans" and it will be each retiree for themselves -- you figure it out even if you are over 80 (or even lesser)!  You think your kids will pick up the slack?  They will be scrambling for themselves!

11/18/2015 - How to mess up Healthcare even more !

State could save $42 million a year through self-insurance, consultant says

"It gives you more control over plan design," Segal consultant Richard Ward told the insurance board. "I don't think it would impact access. I think it could be done to minimize disruption."
The insurance board, a governor-controlled group that oversees the $1.5 billion health benefit program for public workers, discussed the report Tuesday but isn't scheduled to take action until February.

Segal gets paid no matter how it turns out - right?

Here is a link to the report - Health Care Benefits Consultant Second Report

How about a performance bond for Segal and "hold harmless assurances" for retirees and employees?

In the same report the state healthcare plans run about $1500 million.  Do the math: Segal is projecting less than a 3% savings for all this administrative hassle and chaos for people. The savings may never materialize but the chaos will.

The end hidden agenda is to cut healthcare coverage and reduce benefits for all citizens in the state.


WI 1848 Forward:Do you think #JFC can save #ETF " #retirees "? #1% #Walker wants to mess up #Healthcare even more!

WI 1848 Forward: #ETF " #retirees "? #1% #HiddenAgenda #Walker wants to mess up #Healthcare even more! #JFC

WI 1848 Forward: #ETF " #retirees "?  #HiddenAgenda #Walker to mess up #Healthcare each #WRS member out of luck

WI 1848 Forward: #ETF " #retirees "? #HiddenAgenda #Walker to mess up #Healthcare even more! The kids will pay $ 

#Walker WI 1848 Forward: #ETF #retirees ?  #HiddenAgenda #Healthcare each #WRS member no more State Plan Choice

#WI 1848 Forward:State #healthcare plans > ~ $1500 million.  Do the math:  less than a 3% savings> chaos for people