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Monday, February 17, 2020

Esquire: If You Don't Fund Education, #Schools Have No Money - #Walker ERA ... and it does not stand for "Equal Rights Amendment"

Lessons From Wisconsin's Scott Walker Era: If You Don't Fund Education, Schools Have No Money

And then it goes to hell. Who knew?  By Charles P. Pierce

...From UpNorth News:
In compiling the report, the organization traced a decade's worth of budget decisions enacted by the GOP-controlled Legislature that resulted in record cuts to public education. In short, the report found many state lawmakers have deemed tax cuts more important than supporting Wisconsin’s 400-plus public school districts.
The loss in public education dollars was accomplished by diverting millions toward the expansion of the private voucher school program, offering tax cuts primarily aimed at the wealthiest households and wiping out business taxes in manufacturing agriculture, according to the report. Next school year, the state will spend $75 million less in state aid than a decade earlier, based on inflation, the report states. That means a 1.2 percent reduction compared to state aid for schools in 2011, according to Tamarine Cornelius, the report’s author.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

April, 2020 ... State Supreme Court a step toward balance ! Support Jill Karofsky.

Daniel Kelly unfortunately made the cut ... so in one sense Walker lives on.  We have another chance in April.  Jill Karofsky.  After Molson shooting - fund raiser at shooting range - insensitive - you Think

Please vote for either Ed Fallone or Jill Karofsky for Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice on Feb. 18.

Vote Ed Fallone or Jill Karofsky for Wisconsin Supreme Court in the February 2020 Primary Election

FEB. 11, 2020

The state Supreme Court race is an extremely important upcoming election, since it is for Wisconsin’s ultimate judicial body, and it is for a 10-year term. Two of the three candidates would make excellent justices, so the Shepherd Express enthusiastically endorses both Ed Fallone and Jill Karofsky for Wisconsin Supreme Court.
The third candidate is a Scott Walker appointee, Daniel Kelly, who is an extreme rightwing ideolog. It’s not an exaggeration to say that he may be one of the most rightwing justices to ever sit on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. He’s a graduate of Regent University Law School, which is a rightwing, fundamentalist Christian university founded by TV evangelist Pat Robertson, and unfortunately, Kelly carries his extremely conservative values onto our Supreme Court. It is so disingenuous to listen to Kelly talk about how his opponents are some kind of judicial activists when it is he who is the rightwing judicial activist. Please take this race seriously, because it is. ...

#Vote Ed #Fallone or Jill #Karofsky for #WisconsinSupremeCourt in the February 18, 2020 Primary Election - 2020 - soon

April, 2020 ... #WI State #SupremeCourt a step toward balance !  Support Jill #Karofsky

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Lawless Trump: All 4 federal prosecutors quit Stone case after DOJ overrules prosecutors on sentencing request: CNN - February 11, 2020

All 4 federal prosecutors quit Stone case after DOJ overrules prosecutors on sentencing request
Washington (CNN)The four federal prosecutors who took the case against longtime Donald Trump confidant Roger Stone to trial withdrew their involvement Tuesday after top Justice Department officials disavowed and undercut them by reducing the government's recommended sentence against Stone.
The stunning and politically charged decision to reduce prosecutors' recommended sentence of up to nine years came hours after Trump publicly criticized it, immediately raising questions about the Justice Department's independence from political pressure. Although prosecutors called for prison time for Stone in a revised filing Tuesday afternoon, they said "far less" would be appropriate. Ultimately, the presiding judge in the case will have the final say on Stone's sentence.
Prosecutors from the US Attorney's office in Washington, who are employees of the Justice Department, had initially said Monday that Stone should be sentenced to seven to nine years in prison after he was convicted on seven charges last year that derived from former special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation, including lying to Congress and witness tampering.
That recommendation led Trump overnight Tuesday to bemoan what he called a "horrible and very unfair situation." ...

Lawless #Trump: All 4 federal prosecutors quit #Stone case after #DOJ overrules prosecutors on sentencing request: CNN #FederalProsecutorsResign #Barr - and now #Flynn :: 12/22/20 and now 15 more swamp creatures

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Fickle News Cycle - Iowa is not Dem Party Representative - Take Away First Anything from Iowa - Next Day - Biden is a loser

I personally don't think any candidate performed all that well ... no runaways, confused white demographics, small state, tilted economic base, etc.

I suppose it will mean "money" may flow in a particular way.  You even have candidates bragging about how much they raised - tactical if not strategic!

Remember Trump will rile it about so we all lose sight of the real goal - to see a characterless man removed from the Presidency

Fickle News Cycle - #Iowa is not #Dem Party Representative - Take Away First Anything from Iowa - Next Day Focus on #Biden - Now he wins #SuperTuesday

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Trump vs Nixon Impeachment - Any Difference?

On the surface a President will only resign if he is likely to be removed from office.  The President will always believe it is in the "national interest" for their tenure in office to continue.

Nixon got re-elected after trying "to steal political opponent research".  This whole affair is known as Watergate.  He did not succeed and rather it was revealed that he covered up the operation so it would not affect the upcoming Presidential election.  He won.

One might say that President Trump is much more clever than President Nixon.  He maintained plausible deniability by asking the Russians "to steal the political opponent research".  The "Who me?" defense has worked so far.

He used "the request" of the Russians by itself to characterize his opponent "as corrupt" without any kind of trial or judicial process.

We have an election coming up.  Same scenario or a difference?  Seems the "plot" was uncovered far before the election this time.  President Trump has been much more clever than President Nixon.

Now we are all suppose to wait while President Trump pursues his re-election by whatever means he can.  Money?   Voter Suppression?   Ballot Stealing?  Coercing or Inviting Foreign Interference?

#Trump vs #Nixon #Impeachment - Any Difference? #TrumpImpeachment #NixonImpeachment

#Trump vs #Nixon #Impeachment - Any Difference? #TrumpImpeachment #NixonImpeachment #Insurgence #Sedition