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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Group Insurance/Health Board now has enough cronies to work Walker divide and conquer scheme on "workers" and "retirees".

In general "boards" are probably a good way to stop swerving all over the highway.  When a policy making politician (Walker) serves a longtime they end up appointing all the members.  This is all well and good so long as the public really is involved in electing that politician.  If you bias the process by voter suppression (intimidation, id requirements, moving polling places, changing registration requirements, making registration expensive) or vote gerrymandering it is an insidious corruption ... pure and simple.

SCOTUS is like a board and it's current makeup a little bit questionable.  Let's hope they can change the vote manipulation process and determine a way to prevent all these forms of corruption.  Validating "efficiency gap" would at least be a start.

VOX: The research that convinced SCOTUS to take the Wisconsin gerrymandering case, explained

To illustrate, take a state with five districts: two won easily by Democrats, 76 percent to 24 percent, and three won more narrowly by Republicans, 59 percent to 41 percent. Democrats waste 26 percent of the vote in the two districts they win and 41 percent in the three districts they lose. Republicans waste 24 percent of the vote in the two districts they lose and 9 percent in the three districts they win. Over all, Democrats get 55 percent of the statewide vote but just 40 percent of the seats, yielding a pro-Republican efficiency gap of 20 percent.
The Wisconsin map at issue in Whitford is like this example — only with 99 districts instead of five. According to one of the plaintiffs’ experts, University of Wisconsin professor Kenneth Mayer, there are 42 districts in which the Republican candidate typically wins between 50 percent and 60 percent of the vote. In contrast, there are just 17 where the Democrat prevails this narrowly.

Update 12/13 : They punted for a month ... keep the pressure on

Self-Insurance will hurt all Wisconsinites!

12/13/2016 Group Insurance Board goes on record -- will they be telling us "drop dead?"

Wisconsin could gain, lose by self-insuring state workers, report says

The new report, by staff at the state Department of Employee Trust Funds, will be presented Wednesday to the Group Insurance Board, which oversees the $1.4 billion health benefits program for 250,000 state and local government workers and their family members.
The board is expected to discuss bids from companies seeking to participate in a self-insurance program in closed session Wednesday and act on the matter publicly Dec. 13. A move to self-insurance would then go before the state Legislature’s Joint Finance Committee.

Think Guardian 9/14/2016 Walker - DarkMoney Laundering - Hendricks - Prosser - Wisconsin Club for Growth

Healthcare Conspiracy: Is WI Governor Walker , GOP pursuing corporate or public interests ?

State seeks bids for self-insurance for state workers 
Wisconsin State Journal 7/23/2016

... But Phil Dougherty, senior executive officer of the Wisconsin Association of Health Plans, which represents 12 of the 17 HMOs involved in the current program, said the bid process won’t evaluate other important factors.
... “There are serious considerations outside the scope of the (request for proposal) process that must be explored — real consequences, ranging from elimination of choice for consumers and greater financial risk for taxpayers to market instability and higher costs for other health care purchasers and local communities,” Dougherty said in a statement.
If the Group Insurance Board adopts self-insurance, the state legislature’s Joint Finance Committee would have oversight of any contract.

This will at first opportunity be used to cut health benefits.  It will have the rollover effect of diminishing health benefits for everyone in the state.

Morning Minute: JFC Co-Chairs Discuss Self-Insurance And State Budget June, 2017

I suggest you contact members of the Group Insurance Board, the Joint Finance Committee and your Legislative representatives.

Do you think JFC can save "retirees"? Walker in charge: How to mess up Healthcare even more

WI 1848 Forward #GroupHealthBoard > #Walker Dynasty cronies to work #NoFingerPrintsWalker. Consequence and Impact of #efficiencyGap #GerryMandering ... and of course the #GOP, having lost, want to cling to the politics of resentment and minority rule.

WI 1848 Forward #GroupHealthBoard > cronies to work #Walker divide & conquer scheme on "workers" & "#WRS  #retirees"

 Will take Gov. #Evers sometime to fix ! -- WI 1848 Forward #GroupHealthBoard > cronies to work on #healthcare - The problem with too long and too many terms! #NoFingerPrintsWalker divide & conquer scheme on #healthcare ... also Employee Trust Funds 

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