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Sunday, July 18, 2021

Voter Fraud - How to do it?!

Hmmm! I guess it begins with knowing in advance what the turnout is going to be!   After all you would not want to go to all that effort and lose anyway?!  You need at least a 1% margin or your favorite politician can't declare that they have a MANDate (maybe that should be WOMANDate)?  Don't forget you want to avoid recounts and runoffs too!

Let's start with 100,000 votes cast.  So you need a 51,000 to 49,000 vote result to get your MANDate of 1% ... right.  You can scale up the math for larger elections?

So I have to find 1000 volunteers to vote twice at least.  This means we only had a turnout of 99,000 ... right!

Right now I'm not aware of anyone being accused of voting more than twice > got any counter examples?  The bigger abuses seem to come from "harvesting ballots" from the unaware ... "let me file your ballot for you".  How do we catch those people?  The perpetrator either discards the ballots or changes them then or does something else nefarious.

I have an idea.  It seems a lot more certain that I can prevent people from voting more easily if I change voting places, reduce the number of polling places, or reduce hours, or require expensive documentation to qualify to vote ... and nobody has to go to jail ... not even the politicians!

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7/2021 - Second (and probably the last) person was charged with voting twice in Presidential 2020 Election ... whopping numbers ... only need another 20,000 (all of which would have to be pro-Trump).

Voter Fraud - #VoterFraud - How to do it? MANDate - #Gerrymandering beyond #Packing and #Cracking and #boundaries. 

Voter Fraud - #VoterFraud - How to do it? MANDate - #Gerrymandering beyond #Packing and #Cracking and #boundaries.  #HeritageAction ... The New #ALEC ...#VoteSuppression - State Law Changes