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Friday, September 27, 2013

Irony : The Lemming Party == GOP == TeaParty

It seems ironic to me that the very "politicians" who value a "strong" leader are out to destroy our President's ability to lead.  What happens if you cave to this brinksmanship.  Small geographic enclaves essentially take over "ruling" the U.S.  It will happen again and again.

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WI 1848 Forward: Irony : The Lemming Party == #GOP == #TeaParty #1% #elites #Boehner #Santorum #Akin vs #47% #99%

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Walker 's War on edu : #CommonCore ain't good enough

Why do conservatives have a beef with Common Core standards?  Cap Times  - Madison WI

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Dick and Betsy DeVos, you might remember, are the school privatization activists who donated $250,000 to Walker during his recall campaign. And the American Federation for Children, founded by Betsy DeVos, spent $1.1 million.
And the Koch brothers? Keeping their fingerprints off political contributions is standard operating procedure. 
This is from a Forbes story from last year that addresses the claim by the Kochs — founders of Americans for Prosperity — that they didn't spend a single dollar on Walker's recall campaign:   
"AFP spent $3 million on ads ahead of the recall as well as providing 75 staffers for door-knocking purposes, encouraging voters to choose Walker. The Wisconsin chapter of AFP also launched a four-day, 10-city bus tour directly preceding Tuesday’s vote and set up a web petition to Stand With Scott Walker."
The backlash against Common Core has moved quickly. The day before Walker made his pronouncement that Common Core standards aren't rigorous enough, Florida Gov. Scott announced that he was backing out  of a consortium developing the new standards.
Both Scott and Walker had previously been on board with the new standards. In January of 2012, the state's Read to Lead task force, of which Walker is the chairman, had this to say about Wisconsin's adoption of Common Core in its report:


Walker 's War on edu : #CommonCore ain't good enough - #Walker #edu #wivote #MTI #DPI #99% vs #elites #1%

#WiVote #DPI > Walker 's War on edu : #CommonCore ain't good enough - #Walker #edu #MTI #DPI #99% vs #elites #1%