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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Gov. "Hidden Agenda" Walker ... you won't be able to keep your Health Plan or Doctor

May 03, 2016 ... Group Health marches toward "Wisconsin being self-insured" !

The insuring "parties" will still be the same -- same Doctors, same Hospitals, etc.  Will Wisconsin save money?  Doubt it.  More likely to translate into "coverage dematerialization" and higher costs for everyone.  Governor Walker has found a new way to "create death panels" by his usual "stealth techniques".  "Savings" will be hidden in higher co-pays and deductibles, or denials of life saving treatments/medicines.  Those in rural Wisconsin, insured presently or not, will find there costs rising.

Points from MSJ article - 11/19/2014

Study to look at self-insured model for Wisconsin employee health benefits

Do we already know the conclusion?  Private Profits, Greater Personal Costs, Bigger Future Deficits !
A Georgia consultant will carry out a study on how to save taxpayers money on health coverage for nearly 100,000 state employees, including a proposal to move away from private health plans.
He tried it last year too ...
That single change would involve shifting from Wisconsin health maintenance organizations to a self-insured model in which the state works with a large private administrator, likely a large out-of-state company. Last year, GOP Gov. Scott Walker said he was considering a self-insured coverage program for state employees but made no decisions. 
...Tom Korpady, who for almost three decades ran the state's insurance system using competing private companies ....
Korpady, who retired several years ago, said the state dropped a self-insured model after experiencing a 22% increase in costs in 1981 and a 30% increase in 1982. 
If Walker goes private you can be sure that you won't be able to keep the doctor or the coverage you have now!
The state's current approach gives employees a choice between different private HMOs aligned with local providers. That forces them to compete on price and quality, particularly in the Madison area. 
Points from the Cap Times - 11/21/2014 
Unions skeptical of discussed changes to Wisconsin employee health insurance

You want an example of political agenda coordination ?

... Gov. Scott Walker's administration has contracted with the Segal Co. to study potential cost-cutting changes to the state's health insurance plans, including moving to a self-insured coverage program, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported Wednesday.
That news came the same day the conservative MacIver Institute and National Center for Policy Analysis presented a report calling for changes to the state's health care benefit program for public retirees, based on the strengths of the state's pension fund. ...

How good is the current approach ?
..."According to PEW, Wisconsin is the only state in the nation with a fully funded pension system and the only state rated a solid performer in both pension and OPEB liabilities that include retiree health insurance," Patrick said.

According to ... Deloitte studies, completed in 2012 and 2013, moving to self-insurance could save Wisconsin $20 million — but could cost $100 million more. 
The Walker Plan

Step #1 - Privatize HealthCare #2 Eliminate Heath Coverage as too expensive # 3 Everyone loses

There is a problem with "UnDivided Attention"!

#1% WI 1848 Forward: Gov. "Hidden Agenda" #Walker won't be able to keep your #Health Plan or #Doctor #MJS

WI 1848 Forward: "Hidden Agenda" Walker - May 03, 2016 - Group Health marches toward "Wisconsin being self-insured"!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

GOP - Grand Oil Party - So much for climate

From The Nation via and by Michael T. Klare 11/1/8/2014

The Grand Oil Party Takes Washington by Storm