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Sunday, December 10, 2017

#Fox Faux News -> #FoxFauxNews

Mostly cherry picked out-of-context amnesiac faux narrative!  Harder to find what might be factual than what is slanted and exaggerated.

#Fox Faux News -> #FoxFauxNews  - WI 1848 Forward

#Fox Faux News -> #FoxFauxNews

Monday, December 4, 2017

GOP Tax Bill: 2017 - Recession even Depression More Likely not Expansion - Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Behavioral Economics ... what do they tell us?

Somethings are reasonably understood.  Shock systems and they behave in unpredictable ways.  Politicians,  democratic political leaders and not so democratic leaders use the chaos they create to take even more unreasonable steps.

The deals that Senator McConnell had to accept to get a bill may moderate or lessen the shock but the impact on individuals and families is going to be very disruptive, remove any certainty about the future and severely restrict "personal consumption".

The latter will cause businesses to hesitate to expand -- that promised job growth will never happen.  Trickle down does not really work, businesses do not pass on "profits" to employees -- the very idea of competition makes businesses "hoarders" of cash unless they see spending as a way to achieve competitive advantage.  The cash will not be transferred to wages.

Returning for a moment to "personal consumption" -- just what is it?  A few possible components:

  • Disposable income
  • Discretionary income
  • Non-Discretionary income
  • Gross Income 
  • Net Income 
  • Adjusted gross income
  • Standard deduction
  • Itemized deductions
  • FICA tax
  • Tax Credit
If you were given a multiple choice test ... how many can you define or at least offer an explanation.

GOP politics  has been dominated by a philosophy of "disruption" to achieve their ideology still more rooted in "Ayn Rand" than anything else.
Rand advocated reason as the only means of acquiring knowledge and rejected faith and religion. She supported rational and ethical egoism and rejected altruism.

More later ... in the meantime ...

The 7 Myths of the GOP Tax Bill - The Atlantic Monthly 12/1/2017

It will supercharge growth, help the middle class, and boost workers’ pay. Or will it?
1. The tax bill will pay for itself.
2. It will supercharge growth.
3. Cutting the corporate tax rate will lead businesses to give raises to regular workers. 
4. Corporations will invest more.
5, cont. Trump himself would not bene
6. The plan is designed for the middle class.
7. It will help small businesses.

Naomi Klein - Shock Doctrine
In THE SHOCK DOCTRINE, Naomi Klein explodes the myth that the global free market triumphed democratically. Exposing the thinking, the money trail and the puppet strings behind the world-changing crises and wars of the last four decades, The Shock Doctrine is the gripping story of how America’s “free market” policies have come to dominate the world-- through the exploitation of disaster-shocked people and countries. 

More likely a pretext for cutting Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid in the near future.  More restriction of "personal consumption".

#GOP #Tax Bill: #2017 - #Recession More Likely not Expansion - #TaxCutsandJobsAct 12/2017 - #ShockDoctrine - Naomi #Klein

#GOP #Politics of Disruption #Tax Bill: #2017 - #Recession More Likely not Expansion - #TaxCutsandJobsAct 12/2017

#GOP #Tax Bill: #2017 - #Recession More Likely not Expansion - #TaxCutsandJobsAct 12/2017

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Conservatives ( Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty - WILL ) try to bypass Wisconsin Constitution -- limit Constitutional Officer - DPI

Conservatives try to bypass Wisconsin Constitution

State Superintendent of Public Instruction chief Tony Evers ignores new law on rule making, lawsuit says Tom Daykin and Jason Stein, Milwaukee Published 8:45 a.m. CT Nov. 20, 2017

MADISON - A conservative law firm sued state schools Superintendent Tony Evers Monday, seeking to rein in his rule-making authority at a time when the Democratic official is running for governor. 
The Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty filed the lawsuit directly to the state Supreme Court, opening the latest skirmish in a more than two-decade long battle in which Republicans have sought to limit the power of the Department of Public Instruction. 
Only last year, a divided Supreme Court ruled in Evers' favor in a similar case, but Monday's lawsuit essentially asks Wisconsin's highest court to revisit the issues in that earlier ruling. 

Big Picture - In the background diminishing DPI Chief would advance public money going to privates schools.

And now Walker wants Evers to get the worst possible legal representation before a partisan court!


EDUCATION LAWSUIT | JUSTICES TO HEAR CASE Scott Walker blocks political opponent from finding own attorney in lawsuit -MOLLY BECK

Gov. Scott Walker is blocking political opponent State Schools Superintendent Tony Evers from choosing a lawyer to represent him in a lawsuit brought by a conservative law firm seeking to diminish Evers’ power.
Attorney General Brad Schimel and other Department of Justice attorneys notified the Wisconsin Supreme Court on Tuesday that they were replacing the state Department of Public Instruction’s attorney in the case.
The conservative Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty alleges Evers violated a new law that requires state department officials to ask Walker for permission to craft administrative rules. WILL is asking the state Supreme Court to take the case.

Wisconsin: 1890 – Mess with education at your risk! Capitol Times

Today the Republican politics may seem to be about teachers and public servants but I think it is a flanking attack on public education from kindergarten to college. Force school districts to lower their standards by reducing funding for teachers, increase class size, diminish special programs, sports, arts, music, libraries, etc. so that we all give up. Parents with the means will get their kids educated and the rest can fend for themselves. This is the real strategy … see it for what it really is!

#Conservatives ( Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty ) try to bypass #Wisconsin #Constitution -- limit Constitutional Officer - #DPI

#Walker rigs it! #Conservatives ( Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty - #WILL ) try to bypass #Wisconsin #Constitution -- limit Constitutional Officer - #DPI

Friday, November 17, 2017

Groper in Chief ignores Roy #Moore for days/weeks - Gropers On Parade - #GOP

The hypocrisy ... maybe he needs another bus trip on Access Hollywood !

Access Hollywood Transcript

Groper in Chief #TRUMP ignores Roy #Moore for days/weeks and calls out Al #Franken -- #AccessHollywood

Groper in Chief #Trump ignores Roy #Moore for days/weeks and calls out Al #Franken -- #AccessHollywood  - #GOP stands for #GropersOnParade

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Is Trump Twitter Politics compensation for simple anxiety coping or a pathology - both his own and his supporters?

7/23/2017 ... To The Best of Our Knowledge ...

The Psychology of Why You Can’t Stop Checking Your Phone

Perhaps this is a familiar scene: You’re standing in line at the coffee shop when suddenly you get the urge to check your phone. Perhaps it was a phantom vibration that prompted it, or a desire to see how many people liked your most recent Instagram post. Like an addict in need of a quick hit, the itch grows stronger and stronger the longer you delay. 
For those who compulsively check their phones, it can often feel like an addiction, but science writer Sharon Begley offers another explanation. She says it’s rooted in a desire to alleviate anxiety.

Is #Trump #Twitter #Politics compensation for anxiety coping - both his own and his supporters? WI 1848 Forward:

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

How the " #FakeNews " can deal with a " #PredictablyIrrational" President #Trump - #UnFairness

I doubt calling President Trump a liar is as effective as calling him an "untruth teller" or perhaps a "fake-truth teller".  I am probably wrong but maybe not.

I may not be doing it correctly but it is my feeble attempt to operationalize discoveries of two Nobel winners about us humans as "choice/decision makers", Thaler and Kahneman, and another man, George Lakoff.

Did you ever wonder how someone makes up their mind? Others and George Lakoff

Did you ever wonder how someone makes up their mind?  How they then become so resolute in what they "believe" to be the real truth or fact?

Over the past several years, especially since Scott Walker was elected governor of our state, I have been among the wandering wonderers.  Pragmatically people had beliefs, that although I felt were wrong, they held those beliefs nonetheless.  How does one go about affecting beliefs or changing a person's mind let alone a group?  So I kept the question in my mind and passively went about creating a record, in a blog, collecting facts over time to see if I could find "facts" that changed my mind or to say more accurately, refined my thoughts.

Along the way I collected so many stories from different people and disciplines that were independently interesting.  As I collected those stories it seemed they were only related to some small part of my question.

Many things were mulled over and then I encountered the following which I posted in January, 2012. My interest stemmed from curiosity about "Behavioral Economics".  The use of the word "moral" in the title also intrigued me since the politics of many to the right seem to believe they have "a better moral compass" than others. (see the link for the full context)

Give credit to Kahneman, Thaler, Lakoff and I would add Dan Ariely and E.O. Wilson.

It seems we humans have a strong sense of "fairness" and we will penalize those that are "unfair".  We won't buy a needed umbrella in a rain storm if the merchant has jacked up the price.

So the premise of calling out the behavior is more important than calling out the act. President Trump is being "unfair".  He has so many advantages: command the world's attention, nuclear arsenal, executive orders, power of appointment, twitter,  an army of "untruth tellers".  President Trump is doing this himself - he is identifying "the media" as "unfair".

He is not being fair and portraying himself as the victim (rather viciously).  The media needs to emphasize this politely and perhaps turn the "fake-news" label into the label of being the "underdog" versus President Trump.

As an example of the narrative, "I know my voice won't be heard over the commander-in-chief''s voice but this is so unfair and untruthful."

It's worth a try ... isn't it?  I gather from what I have read that the phrase "predictably irrational" is an apt description of President Trump and every other human being.   He is taking severe advantage of our human foible to demonstrate how unfairly he is being treated and shouting it from the rooftops.  None of us can replicate his "power" but President Trump is using it radically to disparage people who are a lot smaller than him who have none of his power.

Thaler studies describes this as predictably irrational (the phrase may actually originate with Dan Ariely) ... almost seems like an oxymoron.
... Lakoff gave a talk recently at the Center for Right-Wing Studies and pointed out that students who become Democratic operatives tend to study political studies and statistics and demographics in college. “Students who lean Republican study marketing. “And that’s his point,” Rosenthal said. “It’s a very different way of thinking.”
We need to remember where President Trump consciously learned the skill he amplifies and exemplifies.  

How the " #FakeNews " can deal with a " #PredictablyIrrational" President #Trump - #UnFairness Practices #VictimHood

How the " #FakeNews " is really the " #Underdog ". #PredictablyIrrational" President #Trump - is #UnFair

A new Energy Koch Drink - Is this what the Koch Bros and others bought - #Frontline #PBS

War On EPA ...

#Trump mkts A new #Energy #EPA Drink >Is this what the #Koch Bros and others bought-WI 1848 Forward: #Frontline #PBS