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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What does Health Care cost you per year ( WI )?

Get an education look at these links ... a two person family (my guess) in Wisconsin spends $6500 each in a healthy year (with pretty good coverage plus expenses) ... sort of confirms the National Geographic graphic ... so beware of your cost and if Walker or Ryan get the changes they are looking for ... ask if your life is more or less complicated or your health care costs you more or less

More links for thought ...
Ezra Klein - WashPost 2010 - America spends way, way, way more on health care

Compares health care expenditures among nations.  The NatGeo graphic source is in the next link and is much more readable - it needs to be seen full size.

Graphic - The Cost of Care Posted Dec 18,2009 - National Geographic

Graphically depicts health care expenditures vs life expectancy among nations.  You need to see it large.

More thoughts - do any of the countries depicted have a Paul Ryan Health Care System?  Except for Mexico and the United States they all seem to have Universal Health Care.  We spend roughly $2900/yr more to die two (2) years younger than the Swiss.  As I recall the Swiss use private insurance but manage (regulate it) very uniquely?

That thought led to this link -
Healthcare in Switzerland - Wikipedia

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