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Monday, December 5, 2022

Free Speech - Say anything on Twitter and Ban Books at the same time

Irony and Lunacy ... can I yell fire in a theatre ... there has to be accountability as well as consistency! 

The average American is considered to have a readability level equivalent to a 7th/8th grader (12 to 14 years old). This level is actively used as a benchmark for written guidelines in the medical industry.

#FreeSpeech - Say anything on #Twitter and #BanBooks at the same time 

#FreeSpeech - Say anything on #Twitter and #BanBooks at the same time - #GOP 

Monday, November 7, 2022

Politics - Correlation in Search of Causation - Instead We Get Stories and Narratives

... and the Story may have a Hidden Agenda! 

Facts, researched, thoroughly documented ... take time to absorb!

SCOTUS and "Weaponized Wealth" $1.6 Billion ... see Jane Mayer, Prof. Brooke Harrington

Lady Justice: Women, the Law, and the Battle to Save America Hardcover – September 20, 2022

Correlation in Search of Causation - #Politics - Correlation in Search of Causation - Instead We Get Stories and Narratives

Friday, November 4, 2022

Elections - A More Perfect Union: The Story of Our Elections - Bush - Meacham


A most astute observer...Being both more systematically brutal than chimps and more empathic than bonobos, we are by far the most bipolar ape. Our societies are never completely peaceful, never completely competitive, never ruled by sheer selfishness, and never perfectly moral.

 — Frans de Waal (Primatologist)

George W #Bush Institute, Jon #Meacham

WI 1848 Forward: Elections - A More Perfect Union: The Story of Our... George W #Bush Institute, Jon #Meacham

Can Historians (Jon #Meacham ) learn from Primatologists (Frans de #Waal )

Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Anne Nelson: Inside the Radical Right's Shadow Network - Weaponized Wealth

 Common Wealth Club

Shadow Network

Not so much a SHADOW!

I just wonder what is going on inside his head ... the 'message' is ?

Anne #Nelson: Inside the #RadicalRight 's #ShadowNetwork - #WeaponizedWealth 

Thursday, September 8, 2022

Ex Attorney General Barr - At it again - Trying to Save GOP - Republicans - Bill Barr has his own style

 Barr about Trump - paraphrase "yup, he is guilty, but he is special"

Think about how he handled Trump's Impeachment!

Bill Barr says Trump likes to call anyone who disputes false election fraud claims a 'RINO' 

Bill #Barr Says Special Master Won't Move the Needle Much for Donald #Trump 

MAGA Meltdown: Bill Barr Thinks DOJ 'Getting Very Close' To Having Evidence To #Indict #Trump 

Ex Attorney #General Barr  - At it again - Trying to Save #GOP - #Republicans - Bill #Barr has his own style - #MAGA 

#Trump and Equal Under The Law - consider Women's Equal Rights - Roe v Wade 

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Adam Kinzinger - Frontline Interview - In the Era and Aftermath of Trump

 Adam Kinzinger

Adam #Kinzinger - #Frontline Interview in the Era and Aftermath of #Trump 

Adam #Kinzinger - #Frontline Interview in the Era and Aftermath of #Trump - 
Attempted Coup January 6th 

Friday, September 2, 2022

Weaponized Wealth - Michels - Club for Growth Action Defeats RINO Rebecca Kleefisch in WI-GOV Primary Joe Kildea | August 10, 2022

 Only took between 2 and 3 million dollars!

Michels - Weaponized Wealth as MAGA as it gets

Club for Growth Action Defeats RINO Rebecca Kleefisch in WI-GOV Primary


Washington, D.C. — Club for Growth Action has defeated big government RINO Rebecca Kleefisch in the Republican primary for Wisconsin’s Gubernatorial race. Kleefisch’s track record as Lieutenant Governor has consistently shunned pro-growth economic policies that have placed an undue burden on Wisconsin taxpayers.

“As long as the people running in Republican primaries fail to support pro-growth policies that will help their constituents, Club for Growth Action will be there to fight back,” said Club for Growth Action President David McIntosh. “Rebecca Kleefisch is a career politician who has a long record of carrying water for special interests, and Michels is the right candidate to represent the people of Wisconsin.”

#Michels - #WeaponizedWealth as #MAGA as it gets 

#Koch #Michels - #WeaponizedWealth -KOCH Investors Club as #MAGA as it gets - Rural WI this guy could care less about you - Prob. does not know one end of a cow from another

#Koch #Michels - #WeaponizedWealth as #MAGA as it gets - Rural WI this guy could care less about you - Prob. does not know a green bean from a soy bean (nor their price in #China )

Monday, August 22, 2022

SCOTUS and "Weaponized Wealth" $1.6 Billion ... see Jane Mayer, Prof. Brooke Harrington

Revealing the Offshore World

WE need transparency ... not weaponized "Dark Money"!

Also see NYTimes scoop on related evasion and how the $1.6 Billion was manipulated by 'right'.

Massive #darkmoney windfall: New conservative group got $1.6 billion from single donor By Casey Tolan, Curt Devine and Drew Griffin, CNN 

(CNN)A new group led by a prominent conservative lawyer has received $1.6 billion from one donor -- the largest single contribution to a politically focused nonprofit that's ever been made public, and a fortune that could be used to fuel right-wing interests.

The nonprofit, Marble Freedom Trust, received the contribution in the form of stock and then funneled more than $200 million to other conservative organizations last year, a tax form CNN obtained from the IRS shows.
Marble Freedom is led by Leonard Leo, the co-chairman of the conservative Federalist Society, who advised former President Donald Trump on his Supreme Court picks and runs a sprawling network of other right-wing nonprofits that don't disclose their donors, which are often referred to as dark money groups.
    A CNN review of financial documents connected the donation to Barre Seid, a low-profile, 90-year-old Chicago electronics company executive and philanthropist who has previously been tied to smaller anonymous contributions to other right-wing groups. The New York Times, which first reported the contribution on Monday, also identified Seid as the donor.

    Jane #Mayer - "  #DarkMoney " Wellesley College Wilson speech 

    #SCOTUS and " #WeaponizedWealth" $1.6 Billion ... see Jane #Mayer, Brooke Harrington 

    #SCOTUS and " #WeaponizedWealth" $1.6 Billion ... see Jane #Mayer #DarkMoney
    #FederalistSociety - Womens Rights gone 

    Monday, July 25, 2022

    AXIOS Inside - Trump '25 Trump's revenge - Jonathan Swan - Part II July 2022


    #AXIOS Inside - #Trump '25 Trump's revenge - Jonathan #Swan

    President Donald Trump was attending the National Prayer Breakfast, but showing no sign of grace. Lips pursed, face alternating between anger and frustration, he lashed out at enemies who had brought him to the doors of impeachment. He brandished the day's newspapers, waving them above his head. The first headline: "ACQUITTED." The next: “Trump Acquitted." It was Feb. 6, 2020.

    Close aides believed Trump had crossed a psychological line during his Senate trial. He now wanted to get even; he wanted to fire every single last "snake" inside his government. To activate the plan for revenge, Trump turned to a young take-no-prisoners loyalist with chutzpah: his former aide John McEntee.

    By the end of that year, Trump also had a second tool in his armory, a secret weapon with the innocuous title, "Schedule F." The intention of this obscure legal instrument was to empower the president to wipe out employment protections for tens of thousands of civil servants across the federal government.

    The mission for McEntee and the power of Schedule F dovetailed in the lead-up to the 2020 election as Trump planned (but lost) a second term and fumed over perceived foes.

    If former President Trump runs again in 2024 and wins back the White House, people close to him say, he would turn to both levers again. It is Schedule F, combined with the willpower of top lieutenants like McEntee, that could bring Trump closer to his dream of gutting the federal bureaucracy and installing thousands devoted to him or his "America First" platform.

    Trump '25 Radical Plan - AXIOS 

    #AXIOS Inside - Trump '25 #Trump 's revenge - Jonathan #Swan - Part II July 2022

    By late 2020, McEntee and White House chief of staff Mark Meadows — working hand in glove — had org charts to plan a second term. They had a chart for each federal agency and they had them printed on large boards for review. One set of boards was in McEntee’s office and another in Meadows’ office.

    They looked at positions further down in the bureaucracy in a second term — not just secretaries, but undersecretaries and assistant secretaries. They were thinking about people willing to break a little china.

    One source on the edge of this work at the time said the plan was to bring tenacity and resolve to the first 45 days of a second term, by contrast to the missed opportunities of Trump’s first term. They had four years of experience to know what the pitfalls were.

    McEntee also had explicit lists of top officials to fire and hire in a Trump second term. This was his road map for the future.

    #Trump 2025 Revenge : #McEntee and White House chief of staff Mark #Meadows 

    #Trump 2025 Revenge : #McEntee and White House chief of staff Mark #Meadows - destroy 50000 lives Insidious #GOP


    Friday, July 22, 2022

    A radical plan for Trump’s second term - Jonathan Swan - AXIOS

     A radical plan for Trump’s second term - Jonathan Swan - AXIOS Part I

    Former President Trump’s top allies are preparing to radically reshape the federal government if he is re-elected, purging potentially thousands of civil servants and filling career posts with loyalists to him and his "America First” ideology, people involved in the discussions tell Axios.

    The impact could go well beyond typical conservative targets such as the Environmental Protection Agency and the Internal Revenue Service. Trump allies are working on plans that would potentially strip layers at the Justice Department — including the FBI, and reaching into national security, intelligence, the State Department and the Pentagon, sources close to the former president say.

    During his presidency, Trump often complained about what he called “the deep state.”

    A radical plan for #Trump ’s second term - Jonathan #Swan - #AXIOS  

    The heart of the plan is derived from an executive order known as “Schedule F,” developed and refined in secret over most of the second half of Trump’s term and launched 13 days before the 2020 election.

    #AXIOS Inside - #Trump '25 Trump's revenge - Jonathan #Swan - Part II July 2022 

    Sunday, July 10, 2022

    Facebook-funded American Edge waged a war against regulation - The Washington Post

    WeaponizedWealth ... is this different than the Koch brothers and their decades of dark efforts that culminated in the TeaParty ... Zuckerberg and Facebook ?

    'In advertisements and op-eds, American Edge plays on fears about the tech prowess of China, a talking point of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The group also argues, in ominous tones, that new antitrust laws will weaken the American tech sector, hurting the tools used by minority-owned small businesses and dismantling companies that could provide a line of defense against cyberattacks from an increasingly aggressive Russia.'

    Facebook quietly bankrolled small, grass-roots groups to fight its battles in Washington Records show Facebook-funded American Edge backed minority interest groups, conservative think tanks and small business groups to create the appearance of opposition by grass-roots groups to antitrust regulation By Cat Zakrzewski and Elizabeth Dwoskin May 17, 2022 at 7:00 a.m. EDT

    Brennan Center vCitizens United Explained 

    Janu­ary 21, 2020 will mark a decade since the Supreme Court’s ruling in Citizens United v. Federal Elec­tion Commis­sion, a contro­ver­sial decision that reversed century-old campaign finance restric­tions and enabled corpor­a­tions and other outside groups to spend unlim­ited funds on elec­tions.

    While wealthy donors, corpor­a­tions, and special interest groups have long had an outsized influ­ence in elec­tions, that sway has dramat­ic­ally expan­ded since the Citizens United decision, with negat­ive reper­cus­sions for Amer­ican demo­cracy and the fight against polit­ical corrup­tion.

    Another message seems to be major mis-direction ... don't interfere with business.

    #WeaponizedWealth ... is this different than the #Koch brothers and their decades of dark efforts that culminated in the #TeaParty ... #Zuckerberg and #Facebook ? Will we end up wit more #Zombies ? 

    #CitizensUnited #WeaponizedWealth ... is this different than the #Koch brothers and their decades of dark efforts that culminated in the #TeaParty ... #Zuckerberg and #Facebook ? Will we end up with more #Zombies ? 

    #CitizensUnited #WeaponizedWealth ... is this different than the #Koch brothers and their decades of dark efforts that culminated in the #TeaParty ... #Zuckerberg and #Facebook ? Corporate #DarkMoney 

    Monday, June 27, 2022

    Except for Gerrymandering, Packing, Cracking, Dark Money, Voter Suppression and Vote Count Disruption

     ... the Democrats should have an easy time maintaining and gaining greater majorities.  Did I say anything about constitutional rights of equality.  Don't forget those well regulated militias ... thank you King George.  Never should have let the "colonists" have AR-15s.

    Except for #Gerrymandering , #Packing , #Cracking , #VoterSuppression and #VoteDisruption , #ElectoralCollegeReform #TurnOut 

    Except for #Gerrymandering , #Packing , #Cracking , #VoterSuppression and #VoteDisruption , #ElectoralCollegeReform : #Choice or Control #TurnOut 

    Except for #Gerrymandering , #Packing , #Cracking , #VoterSuppression and #VoteDisruption , #ElectoralCollegeReform : #Choice or Control - #Guns  #TurnOut 

    #TurnOut - Except for #Gerrymandering , #Packing , #Cracking ,  #DarkMoney , #VoterSuppression and #VoteDisruption , #ElectoralCollegeReform : #Choice or Control - #Guns , and #VOS trying to throw #2024 to #Trump 

    Democrats should have an easy time maintaining & gaining greater majorities.  Did I say anything about constitutional right to equality.  Don't forget those well regulated militias... :-} King George.  Never should have let the "colonists" have AR-15s.


    Saturday, June 4, 2022







        megalomaniA … is a disorder 

    always a narcissist

    #MAGAlomaniac #MAGA

    Saturday, May 21, 2022

    Putin and Trump and Ukraine and Russia


    Did you ever wonder what Putin and Trump agreed in those "private" meetings that Trump made sure were off the record, and Trump's National Security staff were kept out of.

    So what would Trump do in 2024 ...

    Did Trump have two agenda items when he withheld "aid" to Ukraine?

    #Putin and #Trump and #Ukraine and #Russia and #Lavrov day-one #OvalOffice

    #Putin and #Trump (lacking in compassion) and #Ukraine and #Russia 

    Monday, March 21, 2022

    The "P" in #GOP in the #Trump Years Stood for #GOPutin or GO_Putin

    Does it now?  Why? How? Why ever?

    Georgia, Ukraine in 2014, AleppoChechnya

    The "P" in #GOP in the #Trump Years Stood for #GOPutin or GO_ #Putin 

    Friday, March 18, 2022

    NATO Bombing : History in Europe 1999 - Wikipedia

     NATO Bombing 1999

    The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) carried out an aerial bombing campaign against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia during the Kosovo War. The air strikes lasted from 24 March 1999 to 10 June 1999. The bombings continued until an agreement was reached that led to the withdrawal of Yugoslav armed forces from Kosovo, and the establishment of the United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo, a UN peacekeeping mission in Kosovo. The official NATO operation code name was Operation Allied Force whereas the United States called it Operation Noble Anvil;[26] in Yugoslavia the operation was incorrectly called Merciful Angel (SerbianМилосрдни анђео / Milosrdni anđeo) as a result of a misunderstanding or mistranslation.[27]

    NATO's intervention was prompted by Yugoslavia's bloodshed and ethnic cleansing of Albanians, which drove the Albanians into neighbouring countries and had the potential to destabilize the region. Yugoslavia's actions had already provoked condemnation by international organisations and agencies such as the UN, NATO, and various INGOs.[28][29] Yugoslavia's refusal to sign the Rambouillet Accords was initially offered as justification for NATO's use of force.[30] NATO countries attempted to gain authorisation from the UN Security Council for military action, but were opposed by China and Russia, who indicated that they would veto such a measure. As a result, NATO launched its campaign without the UN's approval, stating that it was a humanitarian interventionThe UN Charter prohibits the use of force except in the case of a decision by the Security Council under Chapter VII, or self-defence against an armed attack – neither of which were present in this case.[31]

    By the end of the war, the Yugoslavs had killed 1,500[32] to 2,131 combatants,[33] while choosing to heavily target Kosovar Albanian civilians, with 8,676 killed or missing[33] and some 848,000 expelled from Kosovo.[34] The NATO bombing killed about 1,000 members of the Yugoslav security forces in addition to between 489 and 528 civilians. It destroyed or damaged bridges, industrial plants, hospitals, schools, cultural monuments, private businesses as well as barracks and military installations. In the days after the Yugoslav army withdrew, over 164,000 Serbs and 24,000 Roma left Kosovo. Many of the remaining non-Albanian civilians (as well as Albanians perceived as collaborators) were victims of abuse which included beatings, abductions, and murders.[35][36][37][38][39] After Kosovo and other Yugoslav Wars, Serbia became home to the highest number of refugees and IDPs (including Kosovo Serbs) in Europe.[40][41][42]

    The bombing was NATO's second major combat operation, following the 1995 bombing campaign in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was the first time that NATO had used military force without the expressed endorsement of the UN Security Council[citation needed], which triggered debates over the legitimacy of the intervention. 

    #NATO Bombing : History in #Europe 1999 - #Wikipedia 

    Wednesday, February 23, 2022

    WI GOP wants to do away with the Governor!? How to make a little, small VOS essentially the Governor from the WI Assembly.

    Do you really think a person like VOS, who is accountable to a very small part of the State of Wisconsin should be the "effective" co-governor of the state with his counterpart in the State of Wisconsin Senate.

    His district is gerrymandered to keep him in office and he does NOT represent the majority of people, let alone voters in the State.

    This would be like making one Alderperson from Madison or Green Bay the effective Mayor of those cities.  The Alderperson does not represent all of the citizens of the city.  It is not "democracy".  No accountability.

    #WIGOP WI #GOP wants to do away with the Governor!?  How to make a little, small #VOS essentially the Governor from the WI #Assembly.  Is this #democracy ? Hardly representative! 

    GERRYmander #VOS - #WIGOP WI #GOP wants to do away with the Governor!?  How to make a little, small #VOS essentially the Governor from the WI #Assembly.  Is this #democracy ? Spent a $1M on #Gableman for #Trump 

    Tuesday, February 22, 2022

    Would you prefer a Recession? Have you lost your job?

    Inflation is a personal experience.  The price of gas.  How and how far you commute to work.  The price of bread.  How much is your personal inflation rate and after the purchase do you have any discretionary income. 

    Losing your job is the way corporations and/or companies fight inflation. They fire you because inflation hawks insist on high interest rates and product/services prices go up.

    Balance and realism.  What do you really need?

    Discretionary income is what a household or individual has to invest, save, or spend after necessities are paid.

    I doubt that Musk or Bezos or even Putin notice.  A recession is uniformly experienced by the economically disadvantaged or those about to become uniformly disadvantaged - the bottom half of the income distribution - not the wealthy!

    The economic narratives we hear don't really tell us the right story.  The number of jobs available and the resistance of those returning to work tells us what the pandemic has taught us.


    In the weeds ... the concept of elasticity applied to economics and consumerism.  Demand for 'things' is elastic ... we can pick and choose so long as we have income or wealth. Supply these days is inelastic ... we have trouble finding what we want to buy!

    Wealth inequality video goes viral

    Would you prefer a #Recession ?  Would you prefer to be #Unemployed ? Are you #Poor or #Wealthy ? Have you ever received #UnemploymentCompensation ?

    Have you lost your job? Inflation is elastic (no real impact) for the #Wealthy . Would you prefer a #Recession ? Would you prefer to be #Unemployed ? Are you #Poor or #Wealthy ? #GOP States always want to cut benefits to the #Umemployed

    Wealth inequality video goes viral!  Are you #Poor or #Wealthy?