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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

#Trump #Mercer #Cruz #Pence #Parscale -> America First Policies, Inc ... Presidential Propaganda ... #GOP #GriftersOnParade

Still running mornings on MSNBC ... 12/29/2017

December 27th, 2017

Noticed MSNBC ad this morning ... probably been on the air for awhile already.  Decided to check out the group --

America First Policies is a non-profit organization created in January 2017

Oh! ... the webs we weave!

The Mercer family, Cambridge Analytica and Pence ... WOW


Trump donor Rebekah Mercer reportedly conflicted with Brad Parscale about the direction of the organization:
Rebekah wanted CA to be the data engine, which would essentially give her control of the group. And if the venture were successful, she would have an influence over the GOP that no donor had ever pulled off. Theoretically, if the president did something she didn't like, she could marshal his own supporters against him, since it would be her database and her money.
The organization was "founded by a group of Mr. Trump's loyalists — many of them with deep connections to Mr. Pence, including Nick Ayers, a Republican consultant who is regarded as the vice president's top political adviser". [7]

CA stands for Cambridge Analytica ...

Cambridge Analytica

Cambridge Analytica (CA) is a privately held company that combines data mining and data analysis with strategic communication for the electoral process. It was created in 2013 as an offshoot of its British parent company SCL Group to participate in American politics.[2] In 2014, CA was involved in 44 U.S. political races.[3] The company is partly owned by the family of Robert Mercer, an American hedge-fund manager who supports many politically conservative causes.[2][4] The firm maintains offices in New York CityWashington, D.C., and London.[5]
In 2015 it became known as the data analysis company working initially for Ted Cruz's presidential campaign.[4] In 2016, after Cruz's campaign had faltered, CA worked for Donald Trump's presidential campaign,[6] and on the Leave.EU-campaign for the United Kingdom's withdrawal from the European Union. CA's role and impact on those campaigns has been disputed and is the subject of ongoing criminal investigations in both countries.[7][8][9]
* Saw an interview (on YouTube) in which he said he never worked for Cruz!?

Brad Parscale (born January 3, 1976) is an American digital media and political strategist from Wikipedia

Trump Campaign[edit]

In 2011, Giles-Parscale began working for the Trump Organization, providing website development, design and digital media strategy for Trump International Realty.[1][8]Parscale continued his business relationship with the Trump Organization, providing digital media services to Trump Winery and the Eric Trump Foundation.[9] In early 2015, Giles-Parscale was hired to create a website for President Donald Trump's exploratory campaign, charging $1,500 for the site.[10] Through the entire election cycle, Giles-Parscale was paid $94 million by the Trump campaign.[11]
Parscale utilized social media advertisements with an experiment based strategy of different face expressions, font colors & slogans like "Basket of Deplorables." [12]Parscale's specific roles included heading the oversight of the digital advertising, TV advertising, small dollar fundraising, direct mail, political and advertising budget, and was also the RNC liaison working daily with Katie Walsh who was then the Republican National Committee's chief of staff. He was also the head of the data science and research, which included polling. Parscale claims that after realizing Virginia & Ohio were unable to be swayed, he decided to re-allocate the campaign resources to Michigan & Wisconsin. This shift included the decision to send Trump to Michigan & Wisconsin and focus efforts heavily on the two states. This decision was instrumental in winning the election as as Trump won both the historically democratic states. In terms of digital advertising, Parscale utilized Facebook heavily for the campaign advertisements & staffed Facebook employees to help them navigate the Facebook platform to utilize all of the platform's capabilities. Parscale did not have data scientists or any digital team during the Republican Primary and did much of the social media advertising from his home. [13] He would also stage competitions between tech companies to drive the lowest cost of buying on Facebook (programmatic) as well as other platforms.
Parscale was able to utilize Facebook advertising to directly target voters in swing states. Parscale cited the example on 60 Minutes that he was able to target specific universes (audiences) who care about infrastructure and promote Trump & his message to build back up the crumbling American infrastructure. Parscale utilized Facebook and social media to directly target voters in a much more extensive effort in comparison to the Clinton Campaign.[14]
The Trump campaign initially had solely Donald Trump's personal funding to back his campaign. Parscale set up a major grassroots campaign on Facebook that brought in funding quickly from across the U.S.[15] Parscale attributed the success of his vast social media presence to using the assistance offered by companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Google. He said that because the Trump campaign intended to spend $100 million on social media, companies in that area were prepared to assist the campaign in using that money effectively.[15]
The database of voter information that drove Parscale's social media advertising campaigns in the 2016 election was dubbed "Project Alamo", a name which eventually encompassed all of the associated fundraising and political advertising efforts.
On October 8, 2017, in an interview with Parscale conducted by Leslie Stahl was aired on 60 Minutes, Parscale stated that he was currently working on President Trump's 2020 re-election campaign.

#Trump #Mercer #Cruz #Pence -> America First Policies, Inc ... Presidential Propaganda #Parscale ... #GOP #GriftersOnParade - WI 1848 Forward

#Trump #Mercer #Cruz #Pence -> America First Policies, Inc ... Presidential Propaganda #Parscale 60 Minutes #Stahl... #GOP #GriftersOnParade - WI 1848 Forward

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Radical Rep. Paul (Ayn #Rand ) #Ryan wants to run for #President #2020 (at least)

If he sticks around he will definitely be tainted by the GOP/Trump tax bill disaster.  If that does not get him he still wants to be as far away from Trump as he can.  Since the GOP is likely in a disaster in 2018 he wants to be able to blame it on not going far enough.

Entitlement Reform is a euphemism for "Kill the SafetyNet" .

Who is Radical Representative PaulRyan? Maybe VP? 4/11/2011

Sunday, December 10, 2017

#Fox Faux News -> #FoxFauxNews - #GriftersOnParade <- #GOP

Mostly cherry picked out-of-context amnesiac faux narrative!  Harder to find what might be factual than what is slanted and exaggerated.

#Fox Faux News -> #FoxFauxNews  - WI 1848 Forward

#Fox Faux News -> #FoxFauxNews

#Fox Faux News -> #FoxFauxNews - GriftersOnParade <- #GOP

Grifter” is an American invention, dating back to the early 20th century, but appears to be based on the slightly older slang term “grafter,” also meaning “swindler,” “con man” or simply “thief.”

Monday, December 4, 2017

GOP Tax Bill: 2017 - Recession even Depression More Likely not Expansion - Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Behavioral Economics ... what do they tell us?

Somethings are reasonably understood.  Shock systems and they behave in unpredictable ways.  Politicians,  democratic political leaders and not so democratic leaders use the chaos they create to take even more unreasonable steps.

The deals that Senator McConnell had to accept to get a bill may moderate or lessen the shock but the impact on individuals and families is going to be very disruptive, remove any certainty about the future and severely restrict "personal consumption".

The latter will cause businesses to hesitate to expand -- that promised job growth will never happen.  Trickle down does not really work, businesses do not pass on "profits" to employees -- the very idea of competition makes businesses "hoarders" of cash unless they see spending as a way to achieve competitive advantage.  The cash will not be transferred to wages.

Returning for a moment to "personal consumption" -- just what is it?  A few possible components:

  • Disposable income
  • Discretionary income
  • Non-Discretionary income
  • Gross Income 
  • Net Income 
  • Adjusted gross income
  • Standard deduction
  • Itemized deductions
  • FICA tax
  • Tax Credit
If you were given a multiple choice test ... how many can you define or at least offer an explanation.

GOP politics  has been dominated by a philosophy of "disruption" to achieve their ideology still more rooted in "Ayn Rand" than anything else.
Rand advocated reason as the only means of acquiring knowledge and rejected faith and religion. She supported rational and ethical egoism and rejected altruism.

More later ... in the meantime ...

The 7 Myths of the GOP Tax Bill - The Atlantic Monthly 12/1/2017

It will supercharge growth, help the middle class, and boost workers’ pay. Or will it?
1. The tax bill will pay for itself.
2. It will supercharge growth.
3. Cutting the corporate tax rate will lead businesses to give raises to regular workers. 
4. Corporations will invest more.
         5. The rich are not going to benefit from the bill.  
5, cont. Trump himself would not benefit.
6. The plan is designed for the middle class.
7. It will help small businesses.

Naomi Klein - Shock Doctrine
In THE SHOCK DOCTRINE, Naomi Klein explodes the myth that the global free market triumphed democratically. Exposing the thinking, the money trail and the puppet strings behind the world-changing crises and wars of the last four decades, The Shock Doctrine is the gripping story of how America’s “free market” policies have come to dominate the world-- through the exploitation of disaster-shocked people and countries. 

More likely a pretext for cutting Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid in the near future.  More restriction of "personal consumption".

#GOP #Tax Bill: #2017 - #Recession More Likely not Expansion - #TaxCutsandJobsAct 12/2017 - #ShockDoctrine - Naomi #Klein

#GOP #Politics of Disruption #Tax Bill: #2017 - #Recession More Likely not Expansion - #TaxCutsandJobsAct 12/2017

#GOP #Tax Bill: #2017 - #Recession More Likely not Expansion - #TaxCutsandJobsAct 12/2017