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Friday, February 12, 2021

GOP Trinity? Senator McCarthy, Roy Cohn, former President Trump

As I grew up in Wisconsin I was a young child and didn't understand Joseph McCarthy. I remember in my neighborhood trucks going around broadcasting something about McCarthy or his opponent. But I don't remember what it was about. I asked my mother, she gave me some sort of explanation which I don't remember.

As I grew up I came to understand what McCarthy or McCarthyism was all about. I didn't know who the man Roy Cohn was. Overtime I began to understand the connection between Senator McCarthy and Roy Cohn. By 1986 when Roy Cohn died I had a much more complete picture of who the man was and what he stood for. I didn't know that Roy Cohn was connected to Donald Trump until Donald Trump ran for President.

As that awareness sank in I started to shake my head and wonder where this was going. That was 2015.

Now it's 2021. And in our Senate we have a tremendous number of Senator Joe McCarthy's manifestations.

Hawley, Cruz, et al.

#GOPTrinity? Senator #McCarthy, Roy #Cohn, former President #Trump - #GOP #Republican #SenatorMcCarthy #imMoral 

#GOPTrinity? #aMoral Senator #McCarthy, Roy #Cohn, former President #Trump - #GOP #Republican #SenatorMcCarthy 

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