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Friday, December 8, 2023

Trump - 'A Life Threat'


'A life threat' is so much more clear than 'existential threat' ... life threat might be extended to be more complete ... 'A threat to life as we know it' underlines the point.

Do we think we will always be on the safe side of the threat?

What some of us are really afraid about is concentration of power in a single irresistible authority.  As imperfect as we may think our constitution may be its imperfection was always acknowledged.  There is unfortunately no stepping back to an instant rerun if we realize a mistake was made.

There is a need to accommodate change.  Checks and balances are the brakes on the process so that the moment is not capricious nor reactionary.

A most astute observer...Being both more systematically brutal than chimps and more empathic than bonobos, we are by far the most bipolar ape. Our societies are never completely peaceful, never completely competitive, never ruled by sheer selfishness, and never perfectly moral.

 — Frans de Waal (Primatologist)

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