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Wednesday, February 23, 2022

WI GOP wants to do away with the Governor!? How to make a little, small VOS essentially the Governor from the WI Assembly.

Do you really think a person like VOS, who is accountable to a very small part of the State of Wisconsin should be the "effective" co-governor of the state with his counterpart in the State of Wisconsin Senate.

His district is gerrymandered to keep him in office and he does represent the majority of people, let alone voters in the State.

This would be like making one Alderperson from Madison or Green Bay the effective Mayor of those cities.  The Alderperson does not represent all of the citizens of the city.  It is not "democracy".

#WIGOP WI #GOP wants to do away with the Governor!?  How to make a little, small #VOS essentially the Governor from the WI #Assembly.  Is this #democracy ?

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Would you prefer a Recession? Have you lost your job?

Inflation is a personal experience.  The price of gas.  How and how far you commute to work.  The price of bread.  How much is your personal inflation rate and after the purchase do you have any discretionary income. 

Losing your job is the way corporations and/or companies fight inflation. They fire you because inflation hawks insist on high interest rates and product/services prices go up.

Balance and realism.  What do you really need?

Discretionary income is what a household or individual has to invest, save, or spend after necessities are paid.

I doubt that Musk or Bezos or even Putin notice.  A recession is uniformly experienced by the economically disadvantaged or those about to become uniformly disadvantaged - the bottom half of the income distribution - not the wealthy!

The economic narratives we hear don't really tell us the right story.  The number of jobs available and the resistance of those returning to work tells us what the pandemic has taught us.


In the weeds ... the concept of elasticity applied to economics and consumerism.  Demand for 'things' is elastic ... we can pick and choose so long as we have income or wealth. Supply these days is inelastic ... we have trouble finding what we want to buy!

Wealth inequality video goes viral

Would you prefer a #Recession?  Would you prefer to be #Unemployed? Are you #Poor or #Wealthy? 

Would you prefer a Recession? Have you lost your job? Inflation is elastic.

Wealth inequality video goes viral!  Are you #Poor or #Wealthy?