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Sunday, July 26, 2020

GOP Waterboards the American Public; the 99%.

Weekend of July 24th, 2020

WASHINGTON (AP) — Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said Saturday that Republicans were set to roll out the next COVID-19 aid package Monday and assured there was backing from the White House after he and President Donald Trump's top aide met to salvage the $1 trillion proposal that had floundered just days before.

This is all about running out the clock and then blaming the democrats.  It won't work even though the GOP will use the tactic "if we starve you" then you will agree to our terms. 

Waterboarding is also known as "supply side economics" or "top-down economics" or the "Laffer curve".   Too bad it is not funny.  A previous trillion dollar tax cut for the wealthy will boost the stock market with stock buybacks but not develop the economy.

The wealthy just can't spend their surplus fast enough. A middle class family has to spend their money on real goods; a poor family even more so.

Steven Mnuchin is doing everything, a dull, inept wealthy person can to make sure Trump only gets a one term Presidency.  Watch the polls spread even wider.

Can Trump be impeached in December and the impeachment not sent to the Senate until after January 21, 2021?  Have the House recertify the impeachment in the new term and then send it to the new Democratic Senate.

We already know Trump will recertify himself for a second by declaring voting chaos.

1% : They really can't relate to most of us! - Wilbur Ross [ Trump Cabinet] - Dark Towers (2020) - Enrich - NYT

#GOP #Waterboards the American Public; the #99%.