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Thursday, December 31, 2020

The Last Year In Books ... Actually Read - 2020

The Last Year In #Books ... Actually Read 2020 - #Problems Understood Better But Not Solved - #Politics #Evolution #Religion #Accountability #Vision #Psychology #BeingMammal #BeingHuman #Science

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Why I Blog, COVID and Life after 1,000,000 ...


Most of what we think we know we really don't. We accept a narrative that someone else has provided us. Sometimes we're educated and intelligent about it but mostly we aren't. How many people really know what messenger RNA is. How previous vaccine technology is so different from what was used to create this vaccine. How many people know that it was probably 100 years of scientific research to get to this point to be able to do this. That's what I'm thinking about. Think critically always.

Why I #Blog, #COVID and #Life after #1,000,000 ...

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Georgia Election - Says It All About TRUMP: A Conspiracy of Silence

 A Conspiracy of Silence ... from Hidden Brain

"We all self-censor at times. We keep quiet at dinner with our in-laws, or nod passively in a work meeting. But what happens when we take this deception a step further, and pretend we believe the opposite of what we really feel? This week on Hidden Brain, economist and political scientist Timur Kuran explains how our personal, professional and political lives are shaped by the fear of what other people think."

The list is growing?  In another episode, "Moral Combat" it is noted that for people who have "moral convictions" they do not worry about the "means" by what they think is right gets done, just so it gets done.  Very worrisome.  I would prefer to think these politicians are just being cowards and/or opportunists.

A moral conviction is just something that you believe in very strongly.  If these politicians really think Trump really won the election let's hope SCOTUS does not think that way.

#Georgia Election - Says It All About #TRUMP: A Conspiracy of Silence - #GeorgiaElection - A #President as Bully - #Republican Heroes or #GOP Cowards ?  #SCOTUS