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Monday, June 6, 2016

The Myth of #OutSourcing

Stay Tuned ... this is what out sourcing generally delivers :)

Report: Nonunion workers lose pay as labor unions lose clout

WASHINGTON – The steady decline in union membership has had a ripple effect on wages of nonunion workers, costing them a potential $14 to $52 a week in pay, according to a report this week by a Washington think tank.
The Economic Policy Institute said women were on the low end of that range in potential wage losses since 1979 – since women had lower wages to begin with and have been catching up – while nonunion men were on the higher end.
“The core takeaway from the report is that union decline has cost nonunion workers billions of dollars in take-home pay over the past three-and-a-half decades,” said Jake Rosenfeld, a co-author, during a conference call on the report Tuesday. “Strong unions mean higher wages for union members and nonmembers alike.”

NBC News: Workers' Wages Sink as 'Domestic Outsourcing' Grows by MARTHA C. WHITE 6/5/2014  -
As in the private sector, government contract workers earn less: In a 2009 report, the Economic Policy Institute found that more than twice the number of federal contract workers didn’t make enough to lift a family of four above the poverty threshold when compared to workers employed directly by the government.
the next paragraph is bogus
...Chris Edwards, an economist at the conservative think-tank Cato Institute, argues that this shift toward subcontracting benefits businesses and workers. “A company can’t pay workers more than their productivity,” he said. “American businesses are efficient,” and outsourcing is part of that, he said. “Ultimately, it means higher worker wages.”
That wasn’t the case for 32-year-old Erick Penny, who worked for two years as a baggage handler at the Indianapolis International Airport. Penny, who earned less than $9 an hour, found out after a couple of months on the job that before baggage handling was outsourced two years earlier, workers doing his job made $15 an hour. ...

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