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Thursday, August 20, 2020

#Trump plans to steal the 2020 #Election - Newsweek Editorial


How to Defeat Trump's Plan to Overturn the Election | Opinion TIMOTHY E. WIRTH AND TOM ROGERS , EDITOR-AT-LARGE FOR NEWSWEEK ON 8/20/20

Since we wrote the piece "How Donald Trump Could Lose the Election and Still Remain President," it has become even more apparent that Donald Trump will attempt to create massive chaos and uncertainty following the November election, even if it is abundantly clear he has lost it. His repeated false statements about mail-in ballots creating election fraud and his efforts to slow U.S. Postal Service operations to impact the election results, as well as his unwillingness to state that he will accept the outcome of the election, make it all too clear that his deep decline in the polls only strengthens his resolve to question the integrity of the election. Trump's recent call to move the date of the election is further indication that he plans to drive a narrative that a fair election cannot be run and he must take extraordinary measures as a result.

#Trump plans to steal the 2020 #Election - #GOP complicit #Gerrymander #Gerrymandering - #Newsweek #Vote #VoterSuppression 20201209 #Georgia launches more suppression attempts to keep the state RED next time!

Sunday, August 9, 2020

Unexecutive Orders by Trump - - Attacks Social Security and Medicare


Sidestepping Congress, 
Trump Signs Executive
 Measures for Pandemic Relief
 ... NYTimes 

President Trump took executive action on Saturday to circumvent Congress and try to extend an array of federal pandemic relief, resorting to a legally dubious set of edicts whose impact was unclear, as negotiations over an economic recovery package appeared on the brink of collapse.

It was not clear what authority Mr. Trump had to act on his own on the measures or what immediate effect, if any, they would have, given that Congress controls federal spending. But his decision to sign the measures — billed as a federal eviction ban, a payroll tax suspension, and relief for student borrowers and $400 a week for the unemployed — reflected the failure of two weeks of talks between White House officials and top congressional Democrats to strike a deal on a broad relief plan as crucial benefits have expired with no resolution in sight. 

Unexecutive Orders by #Trump - - Attacks #SocialSecurity and #Medicare - More Scary than a #Pandemiclife