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Thursday, May 28, 2020

ReadingList/PodCasts: The MisInformation Age - How False Beliefs Spread by O'Connor & Weatherall


I originally encountered Cailin O'Connor (UC-Irvine) in a interview on HiddenBrain -NPR. It was informative so I bought the book to find out more.

Facts Aren't Enough: The Psychology Of False Beliefs

On reflection, after reading the book, I would recommend starting with Chapter Four - The Social Network.  You will be motivated to read the whole book.  Each Chapter is well constructed and rationale and stands up to critical thinking/evaluation.

They also illustrate how we are easily duped and have trouble thinking longterm.

Chapter Four begins with a recounting of how an individual shot up a pizza parlor in Washington,  D. C.,  because they had come to believe it was "a staging ground for an international child prostitution ring ...  ."

ReadingList/PodCasts: The #MisInformation Age - How #FalseBeliefs Spread by #O'Connor & #Weatherall - #CriticalThinking #HiddenBrain 

Sunday, May 17, 2020

TrumpGate - begin the argument - even the guilty need a trial.

Hubris is not a crime but usually serves to end your abuses of others.  I am not going to burden myself with an elaborate accounting of President Trump's abuses since many others have done this.  I am simply going to keep a list and pointers to the "chain" as they occur to me or I am reminded of them them.  I begin with just a few (watch this space).

A beginning -


  • Mueller report - substantial evidence of commissions of felonies.
  • Violation of Constitutions Emoluments  clause.
  • Violating budget amounts appropriated for Military Defense to building a wall Trump said Mexico would pay for?
  • Illegal arms sale to Saudi Arabia and subsequent firing of Defense Dept. IG 5/15/20.
  • Compiled lists of lies, misstatements, misrepresentations - > 18,000.
  • He was impeached by the House but not removed from office by the Senate.
  • Nepotism.
  • Pandemic - so many ways!
  • Separating families at the border and not know how to reconnect them; incompetence or intentional it remains inhuman?

Am I guilty of "Confirmatory Bias" the so called doubling down in the face of what many see as fact?

#TrumpGate - begin the argument - even the guilty need a #trial.  Donald #Trump will be a historical record of #vanity and #hubris can destroy #freedom. #Felony #Impeachment

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Remember the GOP Death Camp Idea - Vos and Fitzgerald (WI Legislature) Instrumental in RESURRECTION

Wikipedia -

Robin J. Vos (born July 5, 1968) is an American Republican politician and the 79th Speaker of the Wisconsin State Assembly. He has been a member of the Assembly since 2005, representing Racine County, and has been Speaker since 2013. 

Scott L. Fitzgerald (born November 16, 1963) is an American politician and one-time newspaper publisher. He is a Republican member of the Wisconsin Senate, representing the 13th District since 1994.  In the wake of the 2018 elections when Democratic candidates were elected to the offices of governor, attorney general and secretary of state in Wisconsin, Fitzgerald pushed for legislation to remove powers from the incoming Democratic administration.

These two are the GOP leaders of the legislature in Wisconsin.  They appealed directly to the Wisconsin Supreme Court to overturn Governor Evers "Safer at Home" policy.

Washington Post - May 7th, 2020.  [.Chief Justice Patience Drake Roggensack ]

This is all supposedly going to lead to a policy better than "Safer At Home'.

I just find it so ironic, hypocritical and unethical on the part of the GOP who claimed ACA would result in "Death Camps" with bureaucrats deciding who would live or die.  Now at least we know in Wisconsin the decisions will be under the influence of a State Supreme Court Justice who favors "regular folk" over, who knows what kind of "other people."  That two politicians who represent their party, the GOP, but not much of Wisconsin, but hold their office elected by a tiny portion of the Wisconsin residents will have the ability to block reasonable policy formulated by "science" through a Governor elected by the majority of Wisconsin voters.

Remember the #GOP #DeathCamp Idea - #Vos and #Fitzgerald ( #WI Legislature) Instrumental in #RESURRECTION.  Who are they? #Pandemicists 

Remember the #GOP #DeathCamp Idea - #Vos and #Fitzgerald ( #WI Legislature) Instrumental in #RESURRECTION.  Who are they? #Pandemicists #Vos sells fear 

Remember the #GOP #DeathCamp Idea - #Vos and #Fitzgerald ( #WI Legislature) Instrumental in #RESURRECTION. Who are they? #Vos sells fear. #Vos was elected w/20,000 votes - does not represent #WI Wisconsin 6 Million