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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Does ObamaCare : ACA go far enough - A hip study - NPR

National Intervention?
Monopoly/Oligopoly - anti-competition
Lobbying keeps products and competition at bay

'Paying Till It Hurts': Why American Health Care Is So Pricey August 07, 201312:56 PM

Obamacare Foes Make Final Push To Stop Health Law's Implementation

Would you believe pregnancy policy coverage before ACA was sometimes excluded?

Devil in the details insurance!!!!

If the US just raised health care quality to average "internationally [OECD]" $500 Billion or 20% of health care budget could be saved. Agents of change - nurses and doctors!

October 2013 Update

WI 1848 Forward: Does #ObamaCare : #ACA go far enough? - A hip study - #NPR - #Bankruptcies Preexisting idiocy

WI 1848 Forward: Does #ObamaCare : #ACA go far enough? - A hip study - #NPR - #Bankruptcies #TED Save $500 Billion

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Solidarity Singers: Madison Capitol - Arrest possible for Listening ?

I wonder if you cover your ears and eyes you will still be subject to arrest ????

Update: 8/8/2013 Now you supposedly won't be!  How can law enforcement be so arbitrary?  What Walker's real message is that he only sees the law as something to be manipulated to suppress those that disagree with hm.

Update 10/12/2013: The very fact that no arrests have taken place for weeks now show how arbitrary the rules were and an abuse of power by Walker.

Tillis changes local state house rules ...and he is running for US Senator - he should look to WI for ideas - I guess!

#Walker #Madison Capitol - #Arrest possible for Listening? WI 1848 Forward: #SolidaritySingers:  #wiVote #wiUnion

#Tillis #NC #Walker #Madison Cap - #Arrest for Listening? WI 1848 Forward: #SolidaritySingers:  NCarolina try this!