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Friday, July 3, 2015

#WI #GOP - #Republicans assault #OpenRecords & treat us like MUSHrooms

So do we now know the "bad guys" ! WSJ 7/7/15

John Nygren, Robin Vos defend open records law changes

... and Fitzgerald says he was at the table too!  How brave :)

Does it really surprise anyone that the GOP WI Legislature know that if you know what they are doing you would throw-up!

Interesting timing - just before the 4th of July (let there be light) and when we are all distracted!

"This is a very serious full-frontal assault on the state’s traditions of open government," said Bill Lueders, president of the Wisconsin Freedom of Information Council.
Under those changes:
  • "Deliberative materials" would not be considered public records. Deliberative materials would include "communications, opinions, analyses, briefings, background information, recommendations, suggestions, drafts, correspondence about drafts, and notes, created or prepared in the process of reaching a decision concerning a policy or course of action or in the process of drafting a document or formulating an official communication." 
  • A legislator would have the right to refuse disclosure of a broad swath of communications and records.
  • All drafting files and records related to reference, drafting and research requests by the Legislative Reference Bureau would be confidential and closed to the public "at all times." 
  • No section of the state's public records law that conflicts with a rule enacted by the Legislature could apply to a record.
  • The confidentiality requirements placed on nonpartisan legislative service agencies may not be used to prohibit an agency staff member from communicating with a staff member from another similar agency. 
From the Cap Times story:

In January 2014, the Wisconsin State Journal used drafting records to report that a controversial bill to allow high-income parents to avoid paying tens of thousands of dollars a year in child support was written with the help of a wealthy donor to the bill’s author, Rep. Joel Kleefisch, R-Oconomowoc.
Drafting records showed in February that the University of Wisconsin had objected to a proposal in Gov. Scott Walker's budget to scrap the "Wisconsin Idea" from the UW's statutory mission statement.
And last month, a review of drafting records for a proposed 20-week abortion ban showed that it originally included language relating to the health of the mother that was later removed, then added once again as an amendment. 

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WI 1848 Forward: #WI #GOP  #GriftersOnParade - #Republicans assault #OpenRecords & treat us like MUSHrooms. #Madison #Milwaukee #Wausau

WI 1848 Forward #WI #GOP - #Republicans assault #OpenRecords & treat us like MUSHrooms. Who has most to hide #Walker

#WI 1848 Forward: #WIsconsin #GOP >assault #OpenRecords & treat us like MUSHrooms. Who has most to hide #Nygren #Vos

#WI 1848 Forward: #WIsconsin #GOP >assault #OpenRecords >> They failed but remember that they tried - and will again