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Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Senator Manchin and the "Two Faced" politician?!

So this is nothing new?   Politicians have always talked out of two sides of their mouth!  Nuanced messages to different constituencies.

I would say it has never been like this because we are in a "new media era" every month.  Senator Joe Manchin simply offers the best illustration of the point.

Consider ... this last week Manchin announced he will not support "Build Back Better".  Where and how  did he make this pronouncement - "Fox News".  STRATEGIC.

He knows his "conservative" or "Trump" supporters will hear this message as they listen only to Fox.  His detractors will be heard only on the "lib" media!

He thus has it both ways!  Later his principal supporters will only remember he was against BBB.  So he can get away with changing his posture with little impact. The "cons" will not be too critical because he has them believing he may switch to their POV.

So he maintains or enhances his leverage with both groups - the "cons" and the "libs" ... what a master at the straddle!

Senator #Manchin and the " #TwoFaced " #politician ?! 

Saturday, December 11, 2021

Atticus, Fiona - The existence of FEMA is INFRASTRUCTURE ... in these times of earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes and unseasonal storms

Who does not understand this? Biden or Trump !

... and the problem is still generally Congress.  Although the paper towel rolls that Trump tossed to Puerto Ricans were appreciated I'm sure :)

FEMA was created and signed into law by President Carter!

Tornado Storm #Atticus , #Fiona - The existence of #FEMA is #INFRASTRUCTURE ... in these times of #tornadoes and unseasonal storms! #Biden gets it! 

Which Billion $ company is going to cleanup and help the people after the latest hurricane?  Walmart helped after Katrina, Tesla has taken some steps in the past ... I'm waiting Amazon, Facebook.