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Saturday, March 24, 2018

#WMC #WMC-IMC -> Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce -> Incognito

What are their real interests?  Who do they lobby for?  Evidently "Willie Horton" ads are their specialty and style.

Willie Horton Revisited

illie Horton. The name is enough to make a politician blanch. Ever since 1988, when the George H. W. Bush presidential campaign machine wielded the Horton horror story against his Democratic rival, the threat of being “Willie Horton’ed” has shaped the politics of crime and punishment. “The ghost of Willie Horton has loomed over any conversation about sentencing reform for over 30 years,” says Sen. Richard J. Durbin, D-Ill., co-sponsor of one such proposal.

Jim Pugh, Vice President & Treasurer of WMC IMC

Jim Pugh is an award-winning public affairs professional and innovator in corporate public policy issue advocacy at Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce – Wisconsin’s chamber of commerce. Pugh serves as the vice president and treasurer of WMC Issues Mobilization Council, Inc., (WMC IMC), the issue advocacy arm of the Wisconsin chamber.
Pugh served on Governor Scott Walker’s transition team in 2010 and provided public policy guidance and communications support for public employee union reforms.
He has played a leading role at WMC using issue advocacy to drive Wisconsin’s business agenda with the public. He managed issue advocacy campaigns that help Wisconsin’s chamber lobbyists deliver tax cuts, regulation relief, lawsuit reform, Right to Work, public employee union reforms and other wins to improve the state’s business climate. He has managed more than $30 million in issue advocacy from 2006 to 2014 to educate the public about elected officials and candidates for public office.

Why you don't want a packed court ... so much for non-partisan.

Walker will ask state Supreme Court to overturn appeals court's denial of delay for special elections

The seats were vacated in late December when Walker appointed Sen. Frank Lasee, R-De Pere, and Rep. Keith Ripp, R-Lodi, to administrative positions.  [In the Walker Administration.  The GOP lost another special election in a supposedly safe seat.]
3/28/2018 ... Now the elections will be held and the State Senate drops it plans to prevent voters from having representation.  Afraid to call attention to the sham of electing GOP Grifters to the State Supreme Court.

#WMC #WMC-IMC -> Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce == #WillieHorton types <- Incognito - Masquerading  Ended - Congrats WI 4/3/18 ... remember next election for justice

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

#Tillerson #Trump #NewsCycle Management #Pennsylvania Conor #Lamb

Pick a day, any day.  Trump and friends must be very uncomfortable about Conor Lamb winning in Pennsylvania.

Why else would you step all over a news event where a Republican wins the special election.

Firing Tillerson is a perfect news cycle distraction, perhaps inevitable but why today except to bury other bad news for the Trump Administration.

It also distracts Trumps backtracking on "guns" ... NRA wins again.

What do Trump and Tillerson have in common.  They won't talk!  One about Stormy Daniels and the other about whether he call Trump a Moron.

#Tillerson #Trump #NewsCycle Management #Pennsylvania Conor #Lamb ... does this suggest Lamb, even losing, is such bad news that Trump wants it buried in the coffin with Tillerson and talk of reasonable guncontrols ?

Thursday, March 1, 2018

GOP Tax Giveaway to High Income -- How much has your take home changed -- same, smaller, ?

How Tax Cuts Could Decide the Midterms ... The Atlantic
...Yet evidence is growing that companies are devoting far less money to workers than to stock buybacks that benefit their shareholders, at a time when the top 10 percent of families own more than four-fifths of all stocks. While media tallies show companies have issued about $6 billion in bonuses, they have already announced $171 billion in stock buybacks in 2018, a record high and over double the level at this point last year. Spending on buybacks almost certainly will remain elevated, because executives feel a kind of arms-race pressure to lift their own stock prices while other companies are doing the same. “Once some companies start doing it, people say, ‘We’ve got to keep up,’” said William Lazonick, an economist at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell, who has studied buybacks.
PBS - The 1% are getting wealthier, and lobbying has a lot to do with it

#GOP #Tax Giveaway to High Income, #Wealthy -- How much has your take home changed -- same, smaller, ?

$$$ WI 1848 Forward: #OXFAM #PBS - The #1% getting wealthier & #lobbying has a lot to do with it !  #Trump #Tax Giveaway to friends in the SWAMP