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Wisconsin: 1890 – Mess with education at your risk! Capitol Times

Today the Republican politics may seem to be about teachers and public servants but I think it is a flanking attack on public education from kindergarten to college. Force school districts to lower their standards by reducing funding for teachers, increase class size, diminish special programs, sports, arts, music, libraries, etc. so that we all give up. Parents with the means will get their kids educated and the rest can fend for themselves. This is the real strategy … see it for what it really is!

In 1889 the Republicans miss-calculated about cultural heritage and language education. They passed the Bennett Law. They were turned out of office and the law was repealed in 1891. Hoard lost and Henry Vilas became our Governor.

The law was repealed in 1891, but Democrats used the memories to carry Wisconsin and Illinois in the 1892 presidential election. It was the last major attack on German language schools until 1914. In 1925 in Pierce v. Society of Sisters the U.S. Supreme Court made it clear that attacks on parochial schools violated the First Amendment.

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Capitol Times: 3/16 : Mail Bag : Bill Gates: GOP strategy is to do away with public education

#CT #CapitolTimes: 3/16 : Mail Bag:Bill Gates: #GOP strategy is to do away with #publiceducation - #DPI Independence