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Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Congressional Gerrymandering In Wisconsin -- One view of the ANALYTICS with maps

Wisconsin has 8 congressional districts and as of now 6 Republicans and 2 Democrats (2023). 

Harvard ALARM project ...

The ALARM Project is a research team at Harvard University led by Kosuke Imai. It conducts research into redistricting sampling algorithms, best practices and workflows for redistricting analysis, and tools to visualize, explore, and understand redistricting plans. ALARM Project researchers develop redist, an open-source R package for redistricting simulation and analysis which implements state-of-the-art MCMC and SMC redistricting sampling algorithms. The package allows for the implementation of various constraints in the redistricting process such as geographic compactness and population parity requirements, and includes tools to compute various summary statistics and create useful plots.

The link takes you to some congressional maps and alternatives for Wisconsin generated in 2022.  You can see all the states, etc. and get a good overall impression.  It does not show you how state/local assembly and senate districts have been configured to give the GOP super majorities and control the state legislature even though the state is an even split republican/democrat from statewide turnout ... which is not even close to 100%.  I think I read that the April 2022 State Supreme Court Justice was just 39% voter turnout.

See Wisconsin ...  (you can see Alabama too ... follow the link)

50-State Redistricting Simulations Comprehensive project to simulate alternative congressional redistricting plans for all fifty states in the 2022 redistricting cycle. Explore the project and data »

See the link for interpretation and a legend.

Enacted Congressional Districts (per ALARM) -

Three example plans after 5000 simulations -

In Wisconsin, Democrats win about 51% of the vote in a typical statewide election. Proportionally, that would translate to 4.1 Democratic seats out of 8 total.

See the link above for interpretation.

#Congressional #Gerrymandering In #Wisconsin -- One view of the ANALYTICS with #maps

#Congressional #Gerrymandering In #Wisconsin -- One view of the ANALYTICS with #maps - the #ALARM project at HARVARD

Wisconsin has 8 congressional districts and as of now 6 Republicans and 2 Democrats (2023). Gerrymander?

#Congressional #Gerrymandering In #Wisconsin -- One view of the ANALYTICS with #maps - see #Alabama #SCOTUS 

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