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Friday, April 28, 2023

Why is the RIGHT Wing (especially the media) so Wrong??


This has been a mystery to me for so long and then I heard a plausible explanation.

In simple terms it is called misdirection.  Don't look here look over there.  That's where your problem is coming from.  Them not us!

If you have a lot of money and you are afraid somebody might start wondering why?  What can you do?

Create a "media/ propaganda" enterprise to distract attention from you.  It is sort of like blaming your sister or brother for the mess you made.  If you do it right you get even wealthier while you do it.

Face it, at least 33% of the adult population, for one reason or another, think they are not getting their fair share of "the good life".

The 1% definitely don't want you looking at them ... so they give you some other group to blame. So they create and support media organizations with an agenda that equality of access and opportunity is somehow going to destroy U.S.  They promote demonizing the already disadvantaged.

What should be addressed in a democracy by policy instead gets addressed by prejudice, hatred and bias.

A most astute observer...Being both more systematically brutal than chimps and more empathic than bonobos, we are by far the most bipolar ape. Our societies are never completely peaceful, never completely competitive, never ruled by sheer selfishness, and never perfectly moral.

 — Frans de Waal (Primatologist)

1% strategy fits into the misdirection plan ---

SCOTUS and "Weaponized Wealth" $1.6 Billion ... see Jane Mayer, Prof. Brooke Harrington

More Dark Money - Jane Mayer : The Koch Brothers

Why is the #RIGHT Wing (especially the #media) so Wrong?? #GOP #1% #FOX

Why is the #MAGA Wing (especially the #media) so Wrong?? #GOP #1% #FOX 

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