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Monday, August 22, 2022

SCOTUS and "Weaponized Wealth" $1.6 Billion ... see Jane Mayer, Prof. Brooke Harrington

Revealing the Offshore World

WE need transparency ... not weaponized "Dark Money"!

Also see NYTimes scoop on related evasion and how the $1.6 Billion was manipulated by 'right'.

Massive #darkmoney windfall: New conservative group got $1.6 billion from single donor By Casey Tolan, Curt Devine and Drew Griffin, CNN 

(CNN)A new group led by a prominent conservative lawyer has received $1.6 billion from one donor -- the largest single contribution to a politically focused nonprofit that's ever been made public, and a fortune that could be used to fuel right-wing interests.

The nonprofit, Marble Freedom Trust, received the contribution in the form of stock and then funneled more than $200 million to other conservative organizations last year, a tax form CNN obtained from the IRS shows.
Marble Freedom is led by Leonard Leo, the co-chairman of the conservative Federalist Society, who advised former President Donald Trump on his Supreme Court picks and runs a sprawling network of other right-wing nonprofits that don't disclose their donors, which are often referred to as dark money groups.
    A CNN review of financial documents connected the donation to Barre Seid, a low-profile, 90-year-old Chicago electronics company executive and philanthropist who has previously been tied to smaller anonymous contributions to other right-wing groups. The New York Times, which first reported the contribution on Monday, also identified Seid as the donor.

    Jane #Mayer - "  #DarkMoney " Wellesley College Wilson speech 

    #SCOTUS and " #WeaponizedWealth" $1.6 Billion ... see Jane #Mayer, Brooke Harrington 

    #SCOTUS and " #WeaponizedWealth" $1.6 Billion ... see Jane #Mayer #DarkMoney
    #FederalistSociety - Womens Rights gone 

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