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Saturday, September 9, 2017

#Equifax and #SecurityFreeze - Corporate Accountability

The LAWS need to be changed ...

  • No fees should apply at all for freezing or lifting security freeze.  The fees are discriminatory and regressive. 
  • Outside auditors should certify corporate security measures and that auditor should be named by an independent panel unrelated to the company or its board.
  • All personal identifying information should by encrypted.
  • Damages and penalties need to be identified and specified in relation to depth of breach.
  • Penalties for delayed nondisclosure should be felonies.
It is a travesty that they collect information poorly/incorrectly and then don't report illicit access to it.

In Wisconsin ...


Any consumer in Wisconsin may place a security freeze on his or her credit report by requesting it in writing. The consumer reporting agency is not allowed to charge a fee to victims for placing, removing for a specific period or specific party, or removing a security freeze on a credit report. To prove victim status, you must include a copy of a report to a law enforcement agency regarding identity theft. For all other consumers, a charge of $10 will be applied for each placing, removing, or for each temporary lifting of a security freeze. A security freeze prohibits, with certain specific exceptions, the consumer reporting agency from releasing the consumer’s credit report or any information from it without the express authorization of the consumer. The freeze goes into effect five (5) business days from receipt of the consumer’s letter by the consumer reporting agency. 

How to Lock Down Your Money After the Equifax Breach -Consumer Reports

WI 1848 Forward: #Equifax and #SecurityFreeze - Corporate Accountability Not likely with EX-Gov - #Walker or #GOP ( #GriftersOnParade ) and #WMC