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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Education: Walker prefers unequal - Barrett gets a A+ for fair...

Click title to see OpEd in CapTimes by Barrett 4/24/11

Tom Barrett: In calculating school aid, count all the kids
From the source ...
The bottom line is this: Milwaukee’s homeowners and businesses support roughly 100,000 children in property tax-supported schools; 80,000 kids are in MPS schools and 20,000 kids are in choice schools. By refusing to recognize the fact that choice students are supported by Milwaukee property taxpayers, the governor’s proposed budget makes matters worse. He’s pitting choice school students against MPS students by taking the money directly out of MPS classrooms.
That’s wrong. The solution is plain and simple. So is my request to state legislators.
Count the kids. All the kids.

WI 1848 Forward: Education: #Walker prefers unequal  #Inequality - #Barrett gets a A+ for fair... 

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