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Friday, April 29, 2011

How did Dane County Vote - JSOnline

In some people's mind the "evidence" of massive voter fraud in Dane County would be the reason for pushing  AB 7 or as it is known Voter ID legislation.  I guess the evidence does not exist, so far, but a huge turnout may never happen again if it can be made difficult to vote.  The Democrats have Brookfield and the Republicans have Dane County!  Now the Democrats just need to start planing on how to reform "voting" when their turn comes - probably just repeal AB 7?

Fact-checking conservative claims of fraud and discrepancies in Dane County court vote - Craig Gilbert - Journal Sentinel April 27, 2011

From source -

Ever since Dane County delivered massive vote margins for JoAnne Kloppenburg in the ultra-close April 5 state Supreme Court race, there have been suspicions raised on the right about those numbers, even cries of “fraud.”
With a recount in the race now under way, this is an effort to fact-check those claims, which have come in e-mails, blog postings and a press release last week by the Republican National Lawyers Association, which blasted the recount requested by Kloppenburg and called instead for an investigation into “potentially massive fraud that occurred in Dane County.”
The group alleged that, “In some precincts in the liberal City of Madison of Dane County, as many as 40% of voters only voted for judge – an extremely high number that is not seen even in Presidential election years.”

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