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Friday, April 15, 2011

Upd -Purposeful Confusion - Farmer's Market during Tea Party and Palin Sat 4/16

Click the Title to get the story as Wisconsin State Journal sees it!

Upd. Construction along Webster from E. Wash ... and along Dayton to Wisconsin Ave.

Well organized ... wonder how many buses will be parked at MATC tennis parking or is that just for others attending and buses go straight downtown(?) ... wondered how they did it the last time in Madison - sorry - logistics can be very revealing about an organization!  The link below tells about getting a bus to Madsion!!
Wonder what else you have do to get on the bus (besides buying a ticket)??

WI Tax Day Rally - Saturday, April 16, 2011 from 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM (CT) Madison, United States

This link is where the transportation information came from -

Governor Palin Will Attend Tea Party Rally in Madison, Wisconsin this Saturday: UPDATED

... and this is the lineup

Tax Day Tea Party Rally
When: April 16, 2011 at 12:00 PM
Where: Capitol Square, Madison, Wisconsin
Wisconsin is ‘ground zero’ in the battle with the unions. We need your presence to send a clear message that we, the people, want our fiscal crisis managed – not extended! Please join us in celebration of our 2010 Victories and prepare for the battles ahead! Music, Speakers, Fun!
Bring your signs!
Sarah Palin, Former Alaskan Governor, VP Candidate, pundit, author
John Fund - Wall Street Journal
The Beautiful Man -James T Harris(emcee)
Rock Star of Radio - Vicki McKenna
Tony Katz & Pajamas Media
Vocalist Chuck Day
American Thinker - Josiah Cantrell
…more to come!

WI 1848 Forward: Upd - Purposeful Confusion - Farmer's Market during #TeaParty and #Palin Sat 4/16


Unknown said...

It always bugs me when Palin is referred to as "Governor Palin." She did not come close to finishing that job and she left in a dishonorable way.

She does not deserve the honorific title of Governor. If she finished the job as Mayor then refer to her as Mayor Palin.

Anonymous said...

Why don't all the liberals stop whining about the reduced entitlements and freebees...our state is broke....why don't you just thank us taxpayers for what you are already getting????

Unknown said...

Are you ashamed of your opinion so you hide behind "anonymous"?

It's the ultra rich conservatives who are making all the money. The rank and file conservatives are just their lap dogs. You are pointed at the liberals and told to attack them just to distract you from who the real evil doers are, and they are in your own party. Do you even know how much the Bush tax cuts are harming this country?

So while it's not in your nature I wish you conservatives would have a few independent thoughts and figure out who is pulling your strings.

Bill Gates said...

Hope the last Anonymous comes back for look - funny place of all the posts to complain about "whining liberals"! You pick the one that tells you how to buy a bus ticket to Madison so you can be here for the rally on Saturday - whichever one you want to attend?

Anonymous said...

To John F and Bill Gates,

You are obvously two of the liberals with your hands out for the tax dollars of working Americans. I don't mind paying for my trip to Madison...that is the way of us conservatives to pay for our own way...unlike liberals like you always with the hand out for someone else's money.

Anonymous said...

One other thought for John F and Bill Gates....STOP YOU tax dollars probably paid for your food stamps or your pell grant for the way I paid for my own college education...did you???? Tea Party the party of common sense. Liberals are jeoulous of anyone who is only thought is "that's not fair...why can't I have some of his money??" Try working for it!!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Oh Anonymous. You clearly do not know anything about me.

I suspect that I paid more in taxes last year than you earned all year.

I never took a loan out for college nor have I taken a penny in entitlements from the government.

Then why am I not selfish like you wanting to keep all the money I earn to myself? Because I can see the big picture. I've travelled around the world and had a chance to compare different societies funded by different schemes.

Again you are being a puppet of the ultra rich conservatives. They are the ones taking all the money out of this country and they are laughing at the fact that they have you blaming the intelligent people (the liberals) in the country. Stop being so foolish!!

Bill Gates said...

This is too funny ... I really was and still am suspicious, someone I know is pulling a fast one on me, not someone from or in the Tea Party!

So much for stereotypes ... if you knew me you would know that, other than for a few small scholarships and Freshman Tuition Remission I paid for all of my education. I have never received Food Stamps and I do not think Pell Grants existed when I went to college. Oh! I have luckily never been unemployed, or collected unemployment benefits. I have never been a union member.

I can accept the label liberal or progressive (w/o getting tedious) ... so long as you understand my sense of the words ... greatest good to the greatest number!

I see John has responded about his life experience first. I wish the best to you ... I hope that you remain fortunate in life and do or not experience any of the vicissitudes of those w/o resources!

Anonymous said...

John F.......why are you liberals all so full of generosity...especially when you are spending other taxpayers money...if you like giving so much, then I suggest you just send more money with your tax return this year...I guarantee you Obama will find someone to give it to.

I highly doubt that you made more money than me last year...I grew up dirt poor, served in the military, got my education, owned a few companies in North America and Europe and was enjoying life...until the liberal morons in Washington tried to take away everything I have worked for...I refuse to pay more taxes so the government can waste liberals are very good at being generous with other peoples money.

Anonymous said...

John F and Bill the sounds of your profiles, you are both retired teachers or professors...your extravegant pensions are what helped put our state and country in this fiscal mess...just say thanks to guys like me who pay taxes to support your pensions....I proudly served my country in Vietnam...did either of you libs ever step up to that plate?? I doubt were probably too busy protesting in Madison !!! I served so you could have the right to protest!! And I stay anonymous because I don't need to stand on any podium like you two retired teachers!!

Bill Gates said...

Anonymous - there is always some truth in any generalization or stereotype but collectively even less than usual in this case ... to me the thing I am curious about is why people with some similar experiences come to such large differences in political opinions and how they regard helping or supporting others.

So far you have pinned me as a whining liberal, on Food Stamps, taking a free government ride to get an education, unpatriotic, jealous of anyone who is "successful", and that I have not worked for what money I have, etc. Only the word "liberal" may apply - but my or John's biography is not the issue.

However, I am getting a picture of what you "believe" but still just do not know why. You may be projecting the cause of some bad experiences on others. I really do not know ... but again ... I wish the best to you ... I hope that you gain insight and remain fortunate in life and do or not experience any of the vicissitudes of those w/o resources!

Unknown said...

Anonymous once again you are wrong. I am not a professor. I am a business owner and professional who is still working and has not had a single government job nor am I entitled to a government pension or a pension of any sort. I saved all the money for my retirement. So that while I have been making the maximum contribution to the Social Security fund for decades I could retire with no need for Social Security myself. Yet I still want the program to continue as there are many seniors who depend upon it.

Does that blow your mind? I don't need something yet I want others to have it. Am I the first unselfish person (i.e True American) you've met since you joined the Tea Party?

Unknown said...

As I said Anonymous I've travelled around the world. There's one country which I suppose you would call Utopia. There are no personal income taxes. There are no property taxes.

So how are the civil servants paid? Well it's simple: bribery and extortion. Police will stop you for some random offense that's difficult to prove or disprove and tell that you need to pay a fine of a certain amount. You can go to the police station and pay it or you can pay half of the fine to the officer right now and be on your way. That's how the police make a living income.

Furthermore if you need a permit or license you can go to the trouble of fulfilling the requirements or you can save money by just paying the civil servant in charge under the table. Guess which route people tend to use?

So Anonymous this is the kind of third world you want to bring to America.
No one pays taxes. Everyone is pretty much on their own for security as you can't trust (or afford) to call the police. We all have to carry guns to defend ourselves going to the store. Nothing is really "up to code" so buildings and bridges are unsafe.