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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Arp - Chan. 3000 video JFC West Allis 4/11, et al

Channel 3000 ... video has advertising and uses Flash ... 2+ minutes ... Title Click will take you to their story page!  Hmmm! Nothing in the Wisconsin State Journal today - guess JFC did not happen!  WPR carried a a few testimony pieces to give a good sense of what went on!

JSOnline has more reporting ... to give more insight into issues ... and some of the inside "politics".

Most defend targeted programs By Tom Tolan of the Journal Sentinel April 11, 2011

The JSOnline was more of the nitty gritty ...

All Politics Blog ... 4/11 ... for now ... later see their Archive

Picture Album ...Heroes and Villains ... you pick!

Hundreds attend budget hearing

From this blog .... 
wi1848forward - jfc hearing west allis

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