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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Slide Show - Annotated Timestamped Pictures 4/16 Two Rally Day - Madison

There seems to be such an interest in pictures ... I have gone through and added them to Picasa as a public album and put them on the blog as well.  You can click on the thumbnail slide show on the blog (up above) ... it will open another window and you can take it from there!  When there are gaps time wise it is probably because I switched to video mode. Or ...

4/16/2020 ... some of this is inoperative since Picasa doesn't exist anymore.

 Picassa - afternoon Tax day 4-16 just photos

Cut and paste if link does not work???

I'm still experimenting ... a map might be added ... and I wonder if Google Maps or Earth would be able to take you through the space via the Street View feature. 

Aerial View of King St Capitol Approach!

Yes you can use the Street View but the aerial view above is probably what you want!  Now when someone talks about crowd size you can draw your own conclusions .... I'll get some dimensions eventually!

Revision -Those cement squares can probably hold sixteen people tightly packed!  They actually are a little over 4 ft. sq. and there are 301 squares in the rectangular space (7 x 43 squares).  At 16 per square no one could move.  At half that it would be very difficult to move about without sliding between people.  Four to five is probably reasonable packing but still dense ... so if the space described is "full" figure 1500 people.  Spillage is another thing?!

How to Calculate Crowd Size at Big Events, Like the Inauguration -

After looking at the above article my estimates seem at least reasonable maybe a little less ... and a lot of space was taken up by the camera platform.

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