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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Upd 4/27 - Darling - raising money - from whom - oil?

 4/27 from JSOnline
Darling reports almost $422,000 in campaign contributions this year - By Tom Tolan - Journal Sentinel April 27, 2011

From source - new amounts and some old news -
There is no limit on campaign donations in a recall campaign, and many donors listed on the Darling report contributed more than the $1,000 individual maximum usually in effect for a state Senate campaign.
Among the most generous: Ted Kellner of Mequon, listed as the CEO of Fiduciary Management, $22,500 total in contributions; Daniel McKeithan of River Hills, president of Tamarack Petroleum, $20,000; and Joe Alexander, executive of Madison-based Alexander Management, $10,000.
4/23 : Click Title -to see Wispolitics ...  and other data for Democrats and Republicans ... plus named contributors ... more detail may useful in campaigns!

From source -
Most of the lawmakers targeted for recalls are taking advantage of state law that allows them to exceed normal contribution limits when facing removal from office, according to a WisPolitics check of campaign finance reports.

Joint Finance Committee Co-chair Alberta Darling, R-River Hills, leads the way for fundraising among recall targets with $188,226 through March 21. She also spent $15,579 and had $177,863 cash on hand. Her biggest donor was Daniel McKeithan of Tamarack Petroleum, who gave $20,000.

... Darling’s report includes a number of heavyweights from the Milwaukee business community, including Bradley Foundation CEO Michael Grebe ($5,000) and Lubar & Co. founder and Chair Sheldon Lubar ($2,000). Her other largest donors include $11,000 from retiree Reid Marion and $10,000 from Joe Alexander of Alexander Management.

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