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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Upd (other recalls) Darling - Recall Effort ... what are they afraid of? 4/10

Upd (at bottom link to JSOnline)
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Recall Effort Attracts More Than Union Workers

Suburban mom says it's wrong to place the burden of state fiscal repair on the middle class.

Chris Marshall acknowledges she is in a tax bracket that should make her a rock-solid Republican and a supporter of state Sen. Alberta Darling. ...
... Marshall accused Darling of making misleading statements when she said that the recall effort had hired college students to circulate petitions.
“I ran into her in the parking lot of TJ Maxx the other day,” Marshall said. “I told her that she wasn’t telling the truth about that. I challenged her to name one paid canvasser. She couldn’t do it. I told her to look at me – I am working on the recall. None of us are being paid.” 

Campaign to recall Olsen may be getting close to filing - By Tom Tolan - Journal Sentinel

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