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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hint - Walker - Casablanca - at 27 sec (pause) look in lower right hand corner as this plays!

4/22: Answer: Assuming you looked at the clip ... It's the chairs ... there were originally two styles on the MU Terrace ... this looks like the springy ones ... as they got old they used to poke you!  Guess that's why they don't provide them anymore - they were otherwise a lot more comfortable!

"Who are you and what were you before?"  ---- This line from the clip / movie was meant to make you reflect on how on earth (day) did we get Walker - he must have been "what"?

Too subtle?
I noticed this several years ago ... did you catch it!  The moral of the story is to deal with Walker you have to think far ahead about what he is likely to do - crisis is his specialty - pay attention to details - everyone ... or you will find yourself ... literally out in the cold!  He has put a group in charge that has been planning for decades - ALEC, Heritage Foundation, Koch Brothers about how to do critical damage to government functioning as we know it - education, health care, environment, family farms are just not a priority!

Click on Title and watch the trailer!

If you spend any time at Union South or Football games or Memorial Union ... did you catch it!

New Union South - A few pictures 4/15 - Opening Day 

Don't miss the plane or do?!

Forbes - Rick Unger - Gov. Scott Walker Reportedly Planning Financial Martial Law In Wisconsin -Trial Balloon or Real?

Did you see any of these?

WI 1848 Forward: Hint - #Walker - #Casablanca - at 27 sec (pause) look in lower right hand corner as this plays! #ALEC #HeritageFoundation

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