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Monday, April 18, 2011

Obama's recovery working 4 u - Walker rides coattails

Click on Title to see another perspective ... but we have to make it local to get you to read ... I guess!  Glad that we are picking up jobs ... but!

From Mike Ivey's article -

If you think Gov. Scott Walker is the devil incarnate, read no further.
But Wisconsin is on pace to reach the governor's goal of 250,000 more jobs in the state over the next four years -- not that Walker is doing some magic tricks. The gains are most likely the result of the economic recovery that began in 2010.

Or look at this link -

250,000: When an employment promise is NOT a promise!
Last night Governor Walker again repeated his promise to create 250,000 jobs during his Budget Introduction to the Legislature!  How can I say it briefly ... it will happen but not because of his policies.  How many jobs is he going to destroy first? ... after his budget introduction - 3/2 original letter 12/22/2010

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