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Friday, April 15, 2011

Upd. - LFB - StateWide Estimates are built from "locality numbers" - pls provide!!

The Friday night ... nobody is paying attention game!!!

Update:  I would like to know the methodology and no I am not casting doubt but assumptions do matter!  It also matters whether (and at what level) data is aggregated upwards since situations vary from county to county and locality to locality.  4/16

Walker budget would increase property taxes slightly, projection says - AP

From WSJ ... they do not provide reference to LFB ... Click title ... appears to be pdf file ... but just summary ...from LFB!  Somebody ran the details ... wrong or right as they may be ... and if they have not they can ... and if they have not then statewide numbers are really meaningless ... you just cannot claim they vary widely and not know or you know!!!
A new projection shows that property taxes statewide would increase slightly over the next two years under Gov. Scott Walker's budget.
The Legislative Fiscal Bureau analysis released Friday projected a 0.8 percent tax bill increase on the bills that arrive in December and a 0.4 percent increase in 2012. Those estimates are based on a median valued home of around $158,000. ...
 Walker attempts to hold property tax increases in check with his budget proposal that largely prevents local taxing authorities from raising property taxes to cover cuts in aid.

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