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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Recall and Recount and someone said Refresh - Darling

4/21: Facebook page
WE NEED YOU! We’re asking all supporters and volunteers to join us at 12:00pm, Thursday, April 21 at Kletzsch Park in Glendale. We are asking for everyone to bring in any signed petitions they may have left. As we inch closer to our goal we want to make sure that no signatures goes uncounted. The more signatures we have to turn in makes a statement to both Sen. Darling and Gov. Scott Walker. During the Thursday rally we do plan on making a BIG announcement of where we are. Please invite your family and friends as we gather at Kletzsch Park to discuss our plans moving forward. We look forward to seeing you at the rally!

4/21: WPR ... get an update on their news loop ... Darling, et al
I remember seeing the above phrase used in connection the Kloppenburg - Prosser contest on election day and the day after!

So Kloppenburg is going for a recount ... not a surprise just like Prosser would have done!  In the end we may get even better election officials if nothing else - the Governor and Republicans passed "voter fraud" protection by making it harder for the young and old to vote - seems like they targeted the wrong people especially in Waukesha County ... but competence is not a requirement!

From the JSOnline about 1pm ...

3 groups targeting Democrats for recalls to file signatures Thursday - By Tom Tolan of the Journal Sentinel

Everyone will challenge everyone one of the other persons signatures - no surprise!  The surprises have more to do with who is not going to be challenged ... in our current political state-of-mind a recall seems the norm not the exception it has been historically.  Let's hope that voter complacency finally goes away and never comes back!

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