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Saturday, April 23, 2011

4/30/11 -"Thunda Around the Rotunda" to Rumble into Madison Saturday

Next weekend 4/30 Sat ... more than just boom boxes!  From Center for Media and Democracy's PR Watch ... click the title! From the source -

On Saturday, April 30, the fight for collective bargaining will bring a different type of activist to Madison’s Capitol Square. As many as 10,000 motorcyclists from around Wisconsin and across the Midwest will ride in support of Wisconsin workers at the “Thunda Around the Rotunda” event.
Eric J. Hartz, a Madison Public School Teacher, organized the “Thunda Around the Rotunda” with a motorcyclist friend. “This is a grassroots event,” he said. “There is nobody funding this.”
According to Hartz, it started with motorcyclists talking and getting together on social networking sites, and soon, “groups of 100 here and groups of 100 there” were signing up to attend from Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota and Illinois.

The #Walker Problem 4/30/11 -"Thunda Around the Rotunda" to Rumble into #Madison Saturday #WI 1848 Forward

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