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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

LNI - WisPolitics: Fob cards reactivated at Capitol by Greg Bump

All from the website ... but I want to use the tunnels like the other ... ah! special citizens!  

"Fob cards reactivated at Capitol

The Department of Administration today has reactivated employee card access to the Capitol, according to an email forwarded to legislative staff today.

The fob cards were made temporarily inactive last month during protests at the Capitol.
Visitors continue to be screened by law enforcement.

-- By Greg Bump"

More about tunnels

Laptop City Hall: City seeks reimbursement for shuttling GOP senators by bus

Kristin Czubkowski reports in the above source ...
Late last week, mayoral aide Chris Klein said in an interview that Capitol Police Chief Charles Tubbs commandeered the bus after bringing the senators out from the Capitol through a tunnel under the Risser Justice Building. The bus has been waiting on Doty Street to transport law enforcement officers between the Alliant Energy Center and the Capitol, so it was not part of a regular route.

Senator Fitzgerald, in his dreams ... we are really nice, hard working folks, like everyone  else! 

The Capitol has eight entrances, not including the tunnels that the rats go back and forth in, but we can only  use two of them (for our safety)!  Two lines had about 400(?) people waiting all day long.  For those of you who wonder - what tunnels - there are at least two that I have heard of for going back and forth to State Office buildings ... rumor is they are used by the Koch brothers (just kidding) ... and others of a particular persuasion. Saturday 3/12/2011

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