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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

LN - WI : Isthmus and AP get the Walker emails claiming support

Why did Walker not share his emails in the first place? 3/16/2011

Now that the Isthmus and AP have won their Open Records lawsuit against Walker we may all have to volunteer to help pile them into two stacks - for/against the Budget Repair Bill ... oops we need some technology here ... I hope we get frequent updates - can't be afraid of the truth!

Pulling out some gems - the count was 8000 emails on 2/17 and 19000 on 2/18 and 125000 emails by 3/8/2011 (if I interpreted the article correctly).

Update: 3/18
About those e-mails to Gov. Walker

1 comment:

Barbara said...

My favorite pizza box comment is "Hey Obama-give us back our train you can have Walker"

Bet we could even collect fare to send him away.