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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

3/30 : Darling Hopper - Hypocrisy - SeniorCare - Budget Repair - Despair

A surprise ... this blog entry keeps getting read years after 2011 ... as I note now 2017/12/05

State Senator Hopper
Hypocrisy - insincerity by virtue of pretending to have qualities or beliefs that you do not really have!

Two influential members of the Joint Committee on Finance sent out a press release late Wednesday afternoon promising to preserve Wisconsin's popular prescription drug program.

Is it not interesting that 90,000 Seniors can persuade State Senators Darling and Hopper to leave SeniorCare alone and go against Governor Scott Walker.  Well, they better think about the "line item veto" and the "rule writing authority" given to the Governor (so they will not be accountable) that will be coming toward them like a "high speed train".  Or perhaps, cynically, they do not really care, and they will roll over later when the ""Medicare D(irty)" deed gets done anyway.  "We tried ... will be the claim!"

At the same time 100,000 people (a "conservative / libertarian" estimate) on the Madison Capitol Square had no ability to persuade these same Senators and other Republican legislators that the "budget repair" is an unreasonable attempt to destroy unions and collective bargaining.  Oh!  They probably did not know that Senator Fitzgerald and Representative Fitzgerald were going to use a "Conference Committee" on March 9th, 2011 - so they (these same Senators) would not have to vote again.  Anyway, you never learn anything about strategy in Republican Caucus meetings at the Capitol - hence the surprise!

Oh!  When did the Republican leaders know they were going to use a "Conference Committee" to pass a modified "Budget Repair" -- 2:30pm on March 9th.  Shhh!  Don't tell anybody until 4:10pm!!!

Thank you Assembly Minority Leader Representative Peter Barca for showing up early!

The "Conference Committee" was in the Fitzgerald playbook - evidence in  Judge Sumi's court hearing records on Tuesday!!!

This was inspired by Shawn Doherty's - CapTimes - Vital Signs : (click the TITLE)

Vital Signs: Influential Republicans break with Walker on SeniorCare; vow to save it from budget cuts

P.S.  I left out the comma on purpose - to emphasize it is such a sweetheart deal - and Hopper knows about sweethearts!

3/30/11 : #Darling #Hopper - Hypocrisy - #SeniorCare - #Budget Repair - Despair --WI 1848 Forward:

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