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Thursday, March 31, 2011

3/31: WSJ 11:15am - Walker administration will comply with judge's order halting collective bargaining law

At least they will comply for the next few hours ... will the Republicans call a vote again ... popular theory is they do not have the votes ... watch for a Republican Caucus meeting ... what surprises can the DOJ spring ... Sumi could still rule tomorrow or a little later to remove the TRO and have La Follette set a date for publication!  Click the Title to see WSJ article.

If we get Open Meetings upheld will we get Open Capitol upheld?

One young persons reaction to
Open Meetings meaning and an Open Capitol - MAYBE!

I would love to go the Capitol and see my legislators but I think it will be on lock down until Walker gets recalled ... it is truly a large inconvenience to the public to have to be wanded, go through metal detectors, empty your pockets, etc. - and they keep switching which doors you can use to enter!  What's that all about?

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