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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

WI - Upd3/26 - Supreme Politics - Kloppenburg vs Prosser 3/22 in Milwaukee

 3/26 Saturday Morning
There was a debate last night - anybody change their mind? 

There he goes again -

Prosser calls Kloppenburg an 'ideologue' from JSOnline 

Probably what he should have called Chief Justice Abrahamson instead of B****!
3/25 : Another perspective Walker, budget television ads top $300,000
Written by Kathleen Foody  Wausau Daily

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Almost a comedy script ...  do you think JoAnne Kloppenburg can prevent someone of her Facebook friends from writing that Prosser or the Governor is a "turd"?  In the exercise of free speech how does that compare with him calling the Wisconsin Supreme Court Chief Justice a "b**ch"!

Related ... WI - Justice is a five letter word ... Prosser VS Kloppenburg

From the source - at least it rhymes :
“It says, 'Stop the turd, vote Kloppenburg,'” he said. "Am I the turd or is the governor the turd?"

Kloppenburg defended the Facebook page, saying she was not responsible for what others post there.
 Another voice from the Isthmus:
Emily's Post: David Prosser's poor temperament, Scott Walker's blatant hypocrisy by Emily Mills 

Update: 3/23
Enraged by Walker, activists put Kloppenburg’s Supreme Court campaign on their shoulders

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Anonymous said...

I probably won't be believed, but as the original poster of the "Stop the Turd" post, I highly recommend "Kloppenburg defeats Prosser" on Youtube.