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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

WI 3/29/11 - Capitol Rotunda - More Illegal Protests and Signs

From 3/29 Isthmus : The Daily Page -
New round of Wisconsin Capitol protests target sign and location rules

The Sargents aren't the only ones who have been ticketed. In the past week, protester Jeremy Ryan of Defending Wisconsin PAC has been given several tickets for holding signs on the first level of the Capitol (signs are permitted on the ground floor).
... But if the goal of the DOA in ticketing people has been to further discourage protests, on Tuesday it had the opposite affect.
Hundreds of protesters came out to show support -- the biggest rally inside in perhaps a week. Many of them held signs and wore white T-shirts, themselves protest signs, that read on the back, "Rise Up," and "Freedom of Speech" on the front.
 Brought back into focus ...

WI 1848 Forward: WI 3/29/11 - #Capitol Rotunda - More Illegal #Protests and #Signs :#walker #Gop #Elites vs #47% #99%

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