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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

WI -JCF 3/29 - - Listening Now ... will comment as possible -

Senate Bill 27/Assembly Bill 40

Will not be listening to all ... more interested when LFB gets to the table ... but PR is easier to keep up with than numbers ... still recommend that you listen as much as you can but remember ... I'll just add to bottom as I have a chance or something to say.

From this blog yesterday -
In the end the "Budget" although including many things you like or do not like it is not nearly as important as Governor Walker acquiring "administrative rule writing authority" and his 35+ new positions he will be able to appoint.  The combination of the two will give him much more power and authority to affect programs, eligibility for programs and levels of expenditures in ways very difficult to imagine!
Testimony Begins

Mike Huebsch - Secretary of Department of Administration ... opening statement as one would expect ... mostly PR but  this is when you appreciate "newsprint journalists" so you can think / read about it later!
He only took about 25 minutes ... now questions (~10:25)?

I know I'm mocking but on questions about doing away with Cost-Benefit-Analysis ... good business processes do not apply to the "new" government ... my words ... I think this all translates to we want to be able to give away state contracts faster w/o any review!

Stepping Away 11am
Back 12noon

Secretary of Revenue - Richard G. Chandler - being questioned about tax changes ... Senator Jauch is making point that changes in tax implementation are going to cause some to be paying more taxes, given how thinks have been tweaked.  Jauch ... tax revenue has increased over estimates by 20% (source LFB).

Rep Grigsby ... taking from the poor and giving to the rich ...

Supreme Court - Chief Justice Abrahamson with Aides - written remarks, planning brief discussion

Stepping Away
Back and been listening ... 2pm... Senator Jauch is questioning "Wisconsin Department of Tourism" - Secretary Stephanie Klett ... the Senator is questioning the deep cuts to the Arts Board - Rep Schilling ... also on the 73% cuts to Arts Board.

Bob Lang, Director of LFB is over in Judge Sumi's court ... can't be in two places at once!

Senator Darling and Senator Taylor tangle ... still on Tourism 2:25pm

Hearing over for today

#WI - #JCF 3/29 - - Listening Now ... will comment as possible - #RuleWriting by #Governor #Walker Expanded

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