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Monday, March 28, 2011

WI 3/29Rev - Joint Finance Comm. (JFC) - Schedule starts 3/29

Click on Title to see schedule per Wheeler Report.  Previously WisconsinEye said they would carry hearings live.  LFB analysis documents have been available since this morning.

In the end the "Budget" although including many things you like or do not like it is not nearly as important as Governor Walker acquiring "administrative rule writing authority" and his 35+ new positions he will be able to appoint.  The combination of the two will give him much more power and authority to affect programs, eligibility for programs and levels of expenditures in ways very difficult to imagine!
 T 3/29: At least one Satellite TV truck is parked over by the Dane County Court House - waiting for the action this morning in Judge Sumi's Court --- competing with the JFC Hearings in the Capitol!

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