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Thursday, March 17, 2011

#TeaParty Members have to be paid to rally??? (3/17/11)

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FreedomWorks to target unions in Wisconsin
- quote from the above ... hence my rich uncle analogy (see at end  - if you were wondering)
The Tea Party-linked group announced the $5.6 million first phase of the campaign today, which is set to include TV and online ads in addition to organized protests to counter labor rallies. The campaign will begin in Ohio, while Wisconsin and Tennessee are mentioned as part of the next wave of states.

If you are from Wisconsin and you go to a rally, you double up with neighbors in a car or take a  bus, pay your own parking, buy your own lunch or pack it yourself and if you are lucky your parents did not come along with you so they can babysit, otherwise the kids come along too and you just might want the kids to come along!

That's the way it has been for a large majority of people at pro-Wisconsin anti- FitzWalkerStan protests in Madison, Wisconsin for the last month.

According to the budget blog the Tea Party members evidently sit back and watch TV ... my interpretation while their rich uncle orders the prime rib.   In other words you may have to pay them to get off the couch ... but they will probably get the PR message!

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