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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

WI 3/29/11 - New DPI data - Voucher Performance

DPI Press Releases - a place to begin looking to be informed!

Study under discussion 105 schools plan to participate in Milwaukee Parental Choice Program

CapTimes: Chalkboard: Test results show choice schools perform worse than public schools 1st paragraph

Great. Now Milwaukee has TWO failing taxpayer-financed school systems when it comes to educating low income kids (and that's 89 per cent of the total population of Milwaukee Public Schools).

WSJ - DPI: Students in Milwaukee voucher program didn't perform better in state tests

From this blog: WI - Education - 3/25 - Wait until Tues. - War on Public Education 

WI 1848 Forward:WI 3/29/11 -New #DPI data - School #Voucher Performance : #Charter #Walker #Evers #Public $$ for CEO

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